And here we go …


So, the idea of a blog to keep adopters/fosters/transporters/rescuers, etc up to date on our foster pups has been rolling around in our heads for the past few months. It seems like such an easy way to update the masses; where masses = the 5 people who check our website regularly for updates. ūüėČ That being said, we’re hoping that this blog will be a way for us to reach more people either¬†by sharing the heartbreaking stories of the dogs we bring into rescue, tales of their lives in foster care,¬†and hopefully many, many amazing happily-ever-afters¬†when our¬†foster pups find their forever homes.

Bear with us. We’re definitely not bloggers, writers, or website editors. Our spelling often sucks and we have no clue what HTML even stands for.¬† We’re dog people and rescuers through and through.¬†We’re going to try to spend a little time each week letting you all know why we think the pups in foster care with Bonnie Blue Rescue are so very special and we’d love for you to stick around for a few weeks as we get started. We hope you’ll laugh a little, tear up from time to time, and join us in celebrating the small miracles that we see every day.

For more information on the dogs we have up for adoption you can view our website at or check out our Petfinder page at . For an adoption or foster application Рemail us at Рwe look forward to hearing from you!


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One Response to “And here we go …”

  1. Stacey Says:

    I think this is a great idea, and i will be writing soon about my fosters in my home so people get to know a little more about them as well.

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