Meet sweet Clarke, formerly known as “cage07”. This sweet, shy boy was rescued from a kill shelter in Christiansburg, Virginia. He was brought into the shelter as a stray in early November after MONTHS on the run with his sister. His sister was adopted within days, but Clarke was in the shelter for three weeks before we found out about this boy. This photo is the first one that we saw of Clarke, and the photo that broke our heart. After his months on the run, it was clear that Clarke was obviously terrified in the shelter. Having to depend only on himself for the past few months left this sweet guy very wary of humans.

After his sister was adopted, the rescue volunteers at the shelter worked to get Clarke into a rescue group. We saw his photo, committed to taking this “project pup” on, and got to work on transporting Clarke to rescue in Richmond, VA. Clarke arrived the Wednesday before Thanksgiving after a rocky three and a half hour road trip with Courtney’s mom, Mary. Clarke was so nervous in the car that every time Mary tried to pet him, he cowered in the corner placing his body as far away from her as possible. 

On day one in rescue, Clarke was incredibly fearful of everyone he met though he showed no signs of aggression. After many hours of sweet talking, treats, and a ton of TLC from Courtney’s younger siblings – Clarke started to come around! Four days later, Clarke is happy and content hanging out in his crate, gobbles down his breakfast and dinner like a champ, and LOVES to romp and play in the back yard with the other pups. Clarke is learning how to walk on the leash, learning “good puppy manners”, and learning how to be an inside dog. This guy really feels like he’d leading a life of luxury these days. He’s often found crashed out on one of our huge dog beds or lounging in front of the fireplace. Clarke has really bonded with his foster siblings and is so happy to run and play with them. He’s coming around with people, too! Clarke met two new people today and warmed up to them fairly quickly. Don’t get me wrong, Clarke still has some definitely fear of humans – but we’re working hard to expose him to lots of different people and situations and help him build his confidence in people again. We have no doubt that with a whole lot more love and attention that this sweet boy is going to flourish and know that humans just mean “love,love, love (and treats!)”. Clarke has a vet visit on Tuesday for a general wellness checkup and a heartworm test. Please keep your fingers crossed that we’ll have happy results.


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One Response to “Clarke”

  1. tracy Says:

    clarke is absolutely beautiful. i am so thankful that he is no longer sitting in a shelter, looking for hope – he found it with you.

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