Christmas photos coming soon!


Have you ever actually TRIED to convince three dogs to sit still at the same time, look at a camera, and look happy doing it? It’s quite a challenge, really. I keep telling myself that having dogs is going to prepare me for having kids one day – and it’s got to be true. Here’s a photo we took 2 years ago.

The pretty blue merle girl in the front my (now) senior ‘houla girl, Bonnie. She was my first rescue and is the one who introduced me to Catahoulas, now one of my favorite breeds. Lila is the gorgeous yellow lab in the photo, my first “failed foster” and the one that really stole my heart. Rory is the beautiful weim girl in the photo. Rory was fostered in my home for 17 months before she found her perfect forever home in Florida, but when she left home she carried a piece of my heart with her.

I’m anxious to see how today’s photos turn out. Getting a photo of all of the pups currently living in my house together would be a riot – and impossible! But with Stacey’s help we hope to get a few good Christmas shots to decorate our website and petfinder page. We’d love to see each of our foster pups find their forever homes in time for Christmas. So, stay tuned ….


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