puppy kisses & heavy hearts


Well, we’re a little embarrassed. 6 days since our last post – sorry followers! We’ll all try to do a little better. In our defense – it’s been a busy and trying past week with both good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good.

In happy news, we coordinated 3 very successful transports this weekend! we sent sweet Checkers all the way to Syracuse, NY to his forever home this past Saturday. And, no surprise to us, his forever family loves him to pieces already. Really, with a mug like this – what’s not to love?


We also moved 5 gorgeous puppies from a high-kill shelter in Georgia to our rescue in Virginia. They had some amazing transporters along the way with whom they shared many puppy kisses (thank you all SO MUCH for driving these babies!). Let us introduce our newest little darlings….

 – meet Silas –

– Bixby –

– Bronson –


–  and sweet Miss Finn –

Finn unfortunately passed away on the morning of December 15th, breaking all of our hearts. That morning little Finn woke up, gobbled down her breakfast like a champ, had fun playing with her siblings and went to sleep by the Christmas tree. She never woke up again. After rushing all of the other pups to the vet just to make sure that they were all a-okay, the vet determined that sweet Finn may have had congenital heart disease and that her little heart just could not keep up with her active, growing puppy body. The good news is that this little lady is now running circles around all of the other pups at Rainbow Bridge. Though her time came way too soon, it does comfort us to know how much love this little lady must have felt after being “sprung” from the shelter – so many people loving on her, spoiling her with treats, kisses and snuggles all the way to Virginia. Bless you all for that.


2 Responses to “puppy kisses & heavy hearts”

  1. Sandi Barrett Says:

    I’m so sorry finn didn’t make it. she was special and my passenger BJ got very attached to her on the way back to Richmond. Finn figured out how to get past the barrier I have up to keep dogs from coming up front. So BJ picked up her and held her like the baby she was until we got to Richmond. She had a difficult time letting her go to her foster home. the cough she had seemed worse than the otherpups and so it could have been the kennel cough and her heart were too much at the same time. Even though she was only 5 weeks old there was one person that loved her and will mourn her loss. My friend BJ…

  2. Ann Cushman Says:

    Thanks for posting this article. My heart is heavy with the passing of little Finn, however, I am glad to hear that her transition was easy and she didn’t suffer. She was such a sweetheart and I am so happy to have had the chance to meet her and to transport her to a place where she was surrounded by love for the time she had left. She was so warm and cuddl to hold and was so happy to be free from that shelter she just couldn’t kiss you enough to show her graitude for being rescued.

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