lacey & the beanie babies


Meet sweet Lacey. Lacey is an aussie mix girl who was rescued from Amelia County Animal Shelter here in Virginia. We first heard about Lacey when we received an urgent email from Miss Cindy (our favorite person over @ Amelia County) telling us that Lacey was a gorgeous sweet girl and was due to give pups anytime! We wanted to help Lacey, but didn’t have any open foster homes for her to go to. So we emailed all of our Richmond rescue contacts to see if someone had room for these babies. Enter Anna. A friend of a former adopter, Anna had never fostered for Bonnie Blue Rescue before, but she opened her heart and home for a few weeks to take sweet Lacey in. She saved the day & helped us save Lacey’s life! With Anna’s commitment to foster, we were able to pull this darling just in the nick of time! We picked Lacey up from the shelter that Friday and headed on out to our vet to get her checked out. From the look of the ultrasound, Dr. W guessed we’d be having 7 pups.  He was close!

Lacey actually had a few more days to go until it was puppy-time. On Wednesday, March 3, despite all of our worrying about “worst case scenarios” and a momma’s first (and only!) litter,  Miss Lacey gave birth to 8 gorgeous little pups.

Enter the beanie babies!

By our count we  have 5 females & 3 males. Meet – Chickpea, Fava, Azuki, Sweetpea (formerly Snowpea), Lupini, Pinto, Edamame, & little Half-Runner (our runt).

Now, to answer your questions:

1) Yes, they’re all named after beans

2) No, it was not my idea

3) Yes, they’re keeping the names (I love them!)

These little bits will be gracing our blog a lot in the next few weeks so keep checking back for updates! A few photos from the early (or earlier days) ….

Pinto (red & white male) is pictured above on his birthday! 3.3.10

Baby Lupini (grey & white female); just moments after she was born.

She was Lacey’s first pup and came a full 2-3 hours before the next few! Pictured 3.3.10


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