Big Weekend!!


It’s been a busy week/weekend for the Bonnie Blue crew!

Pretty Piper joined her new dad Chris at home in MD!



Breeze-boy went home with his forever family on Saturday!


Sweet Dandelion will be joining her new family (including big brother Max, who was adopted from BBR) this coming Saturday!


& darling Sandy took a major roadtrip from Goochland, VA – Harrisburg, PA on Saturday to join her new foster parents – Kate & Doug! From what we hear, she’s already spoiled rotten! (and still looking for a forever home – hint, hint!)


In other news, Miss Stella is going in tomorrow morning to begin her heartworm treatment. We’re worried about her, of course – but confident that she will come through the treatment very well! Stella spent the weekend romping and playing with her foster siblings and getting all of her wiggles out before having to be crated for several weeks (boo). I’ll definitely keep you up to date on her progress over the next few weeks. For those of you following Stella’s story – do know that we are still raising money to cover the 2 orthopedic surgeries that will take place after her heartworm treatment is completed. You can read more about those procedures and our fundraising here: I know folks think I’m joking when I say a $5 donation can make a difference – but let me just say – over the past week we’ve raised $250 towards Stella’s surgeries! And the majority of those donations? $5-$10 each! It’s true – every single donation (no matter the size) does add up to make a difference for this sweet, sweet girl.

Sweet dreams y’all!


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One Response to “Big Weekend!!”

  1. Susan Cell Says:

    I am very interested in meeting the beanie babies and talking of a forever home. I did resscue work with Dobermans for the 70’s and 80’s. I have been doing cat rescue for the last 10 years. I am now able to devote the time for dogs again and can not wait. Hoping we are a match.

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