Cuties babies you’ve ever seen? Help us save them!


Cutest litter of pups you’ve seen lately (aside from our darling little beanie babies?) – I thought so!

And guess what – there’s a chance for YOU to help us save this litter. These tiny pups are catahoula and likely doxie mix pups. They’re 7 weeks old and are at a high-kill shelter in KY. They are at risk of being put to sleep. We desperately want to save these pups – but do not have any open foster homes.

Can you help us? Are you willing to foster one of these pups for 2-4 weeks? All that it requires of you is a little love to share, a safe/warm shelter for one of these pups and a few lessons in puppy guidance. We provide all medical care, vetting, spay/neuter, and can even provide food/crate/bedding if needed. It may sound silly, but the commitment of lovin’ on a puppy for 2-4 weeks of your life can mean the difference between life or death for these pups.

If you’re able to help or interested in fostering, please send us an email immediately to we’re doing everything we can to keep these pups safe, but desperately need your help. We will update here as we have folks (hopefully) volunteer so you’ll know how many fosters we still need!


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