UPDATED:: Wanted to add a few more photos of our adorable little doxyhoula babes!

Check out our little doxyhoula babies who joined us in rescue this weekend.  The two males are currently being fostered in Dothan, AL (thank you, Anna!), 2 females in Knoxville, TN (thank you, Sibyl) and one tiny little merle girl is being fostered in Abingdon, VA (thank you, Marianne!).  The transport for this past weekend came together amazingly well – it always amazes me how so many people are willing to give up a few hours of their weekend to help us save puppies like these!

Interested in being a transport driver? Add a comment to this blog entry to that effect and we’ll send you more information on what  being a transporter is really all about!

Here are a few photos from the transport “layover” in Knoxville (thank you Tracie & Jamie for entertaining these little bits for a few hours!!)

Too stinkin’ cute! These little ones will be up for adoption in the next few weeks – so send us an email at or check our Petfinder page if you’re interested!


2 Responses to “Doxyhoulas!”

  1. Erin Says:

    I am interested in helping with transport, possibly, and need more information.

    I am a school teacher so my ability to volunteer during the school year is limited but in the summer I am more available.

    I wish I could adopt more pups but our house is small and we already have a catahoula and a lab and my husband says “no more dogs.”

    However I would love to help these and future pups on their way to new homes.

  2. Tracie Says:

    Aww…looks like Snickers rode in luxury 🙂 Yes, I named a puppy I couldn’t keep!

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