Before & After – Elizabeth & Olivia


One of the most exciting parts of rescue is the “before & after”. Getting to see a scared dog blossom into a social butterfly, watching a sad, sickly pup turn into a gorgeous, healthy dog – and then watching them find their forever homes. These are the moments that give all of our rescue work great meaning. We’re going to try to focus a few posts a month of some of our “before & afters” – they’re some of our favorite stories to tell.

Meet Elizabeth & Olivia:

These “shelter shots” were the first photos we ever saw of these little darlings, and we knew we had to do something to help. The photos accompanied a plea saying that if these little ladies were not rescued in the next 24 hours that they would be euthanized.

Judging from photos alone, we knew that these little ones had some type of mange – a skin condition that is totally treatable, but left them looking less than adoptable. We rushed out to pick them up from the shelter that evening & took theose s-t-i-n-k-y girls straight to our vet. After a consult, skin scrapings to determine what type of mange we were dealing with, and some antibiotics to treat the secondary skin infections, we headed home for the night.

I stayed up with these little girls all night long and just cried. They were in pain, but they were alive – and would be on the mend soon.

After just a few weeks in foster care with GOOD food in their bellies, daily fish oil supplements, ivermectin to treat the mange and a whole lot of love they started to look a whole lot better!

And just a few short months later – these amazing pups looked so good they could have been calendar girls! 🙂

Not soon after, Elizabeth & Olivia BOTH managed to charm their way into their adoptive dad’s heart. You see, he worked at the doggy daycare where Elizabeth & Olivia loved to go play. So every time they went to play, Ron loved on them & spoiled them rotten. You could tell the girls loved him too, their whole bodies would start wiggling with excitement whenever they saw him! One day Ron realized he couldn’t live without them – so Elizabeth & Olivia went to Ron’s house to live. Now these spoiled girls get to hang out with their favorite man all the time AND go to doggy daycare to play every day. You couldn’t ask for a happier ending for this two shelter pups who didn’t have a shot.


Did you know? We have just accepted a litter of 8 weimaraner mix puppies into our foster care program. These pups have mange, just like Elizabeth & Olivia did. Would you like to help? Even the smallest donation can go a long way to helping our weim babies find the same happy ending that Elizabeth & Olivia did! Check out their chipin page for more info:


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