Can you say no to this face?


We are fundraising our little hearts out to raise money to help pups like Solo and his 7 littermates. These babies were born in an air conditioning duct, dropped off at a high kill shelter in Arkansas with a terrible case of mange and were left for dead. They’re now all safe in rescue and are in amazing foster homes, but their story doesn’t end there. In the past 5 days we have spent over $560 on vet care alone for these 8 pups. This does not include multiple medications, supplements, dewormer, quality food, crates for transporting them from AL-VA, etc nor does it include the rounds of vaccinations, spay/neuters, microchipping or hernia surgery for sweet Macy (one of Solo’s sisters) that will come once the pups are a bit healthier.

We are a small rescue and cannot continue saving pups like Solo and his littermates without your help.

Would you consider making a small donation today to help us get back on our feet? Even the amount you would spend on lunch out or on a Starbuck’s coffee would add up to help us reach our fundraising goal for these pups. Donations can be made online at OR by calling a donation into our vet – Hanover Green Vet 804.730.2565.

If you’re unable to contribute financially – could you help us by “sharing” this  page with your facebook friends? Sending an email with this link to your family and friends? With your help we can reach our fundraising goal for Solo & the weim babies and continue to reach out and help others.

Thank you in advance!



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