Weim baby update


We’re officially 3 sleepless nights into having our sweet weim babies in rescue. No complaints here though – these babies are alive and thriving, they’ve definitely beaten the odds so far. Let me introduce you to our crew.

From MD we have the stunning Violet (left) and handsome Viggo (right)!

In foster care in Richmond, VA we have Andy (left in blue), Macy (center in pink) & Barney Fife (right in orange)

AND sweet Jax

In Dothan, AL we have two more stunning babies.

Solo the independent snuggle bug

And Hunter, the explorer who is into everything! 🙂

New to the blog? Want to catch up on their back story?

Check out the first new posts on our babies below!https://bonniebluerescue.wordpress.com/2010/04/18/road-trip-weims/



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