Happy Tails – Late April/Early May Edition


Wanna know why we’re having a good week (despite the obvious worries over our weim babes)?

Sweet Mickey was officially adopted by his foster family. This sweet boy was found on the side of the road in mid-December after having been hit by a car.  Poor Mickey was cold, tired and in a great deal of pain (he had a shattered hip). He was nursed back to health by our buddy, Jake, and then turned over to rescue so that we could find him an awesome new home. Mickey is one lucky, lucky guy and we couldn’t have found a better forever home for him! Mickey now has an entire farm to run and play on, and a 10lb little sister to keep him on his toes!

After 2 months in rescue, sweet Sandy met her forever family today! Her story began when a wonderful family found her while out fishing. Feeling guilty for heading to their nice warm home (and leaving Sandy out in the cold) they decided to take her in. Once Sandy was healthy and putting some meat on  her bones, they turned Sandy over to rescue so that we could help place her. Sandy hit the road and moved to Harrisburg, PA to be fostered by Kate who worked with Sandy to help her come out of her shell. In just a few short weeks Sandy blossomed into an amazing pup. And today, she went home with an equally amazing forever family!

Gorgeous Maggie is making herself at home with her (hopefully) forever parents, too. Can you imagine anyone not falling in love with a dog this gorgeous (and sweet to boot!)

Tiny little Margot is headed to Baltimore, MD to meet her forever mom & dad tomorrow!

And to top off an already awesome rescue month – Pinto Bean, Tips, Marilyn, Fava & Henry have all been placed with amazing forever families.

Interested in seeing who we currently  have up for adoption? Check out all of our darlings on our petfinder site: www.bonniebluerescue.petfinder.com


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