Beanie Babies Lookin’ For Love


Can you believe it?

3 of Lacey’s gorgeous pups (remember the litter of Beanie Babies) are STILL available for adoption. We can’t believe these little ones haven’t been scooped up yet!! Can you help us spread the word so that we can find these fabulous pups some equally fabulous forever homes? You can “share” the link to our blogpost through your own blog, via email, or on facebook! Extra puppy love to those who help us crosspost to find these babes amazing forever homes.

Meet Lupini

Lupini is one spirited but sweet little lady. She is happy go lucky, playful and full of love.


Joey can zoom around the yard faster than any foster pup we’ve had. This guy is built for speed. Joey would be a great swimming/hiking/camping pup and loves everyone he meets.

Azuki (aka Runty)

Little Azuki is not so little anymore! This little lady is growing like a weed! Azuki is absolutely full of personality – she’s her foster mom’s favorite (don’t tell anyone) because she’s so sweet and willing to please.


Interested in one of our sweet babies? Shoot us an email at for more information!

In happy news – the momma to these pups, sweet Lacey, is on a trial with an adoptive family (fingers crossed) and Henry, Pinto, Marilyn, Tips & Girl Twin have all found amazing forever homes already!


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