UPDATE: To those of you who have already donated – THANK YOU! We’re off to an awesome start, though we still have a long way to go. We’ve updated this blog post to add new Luke photos and a link to his news story.

Watch the news story on Luke and Bo* here:

Luke, the sweet catahoula boy, has endured so much pain. He is one of many this past week brought in on a cruelty case to the Mobile, AL Animal Control Shelter. He is severely emaciated and is at the vets right now undergoing treatment. He is doing well so far. He was found chained to a back porch of a rental home that was abandoned. When found, he could not even stand up on his own – we think he went for a month or more without food or water.

As of today, we have officially committed to saving this sweet boy. We are in the process of sorting thru some minor paperwork (as he has to stay in AL due to the pending cruelty case) and will be getting him transferred to our foster’s vet in the Bham, AL area where he will remain until this cruelty case investigation is over. He will remain at the vets office until he is more stable to come into foster care and already has a foster home waiting for him!

I am reaching out to as many ppl as I know asking for your help with him. We will need continued support and help with medicals on this boy while he recovers. Its going to be a long road for him but we have faith we will get him there!

If anyone of you is able to donate anything, and we mean ALL helps no matter how small. We would greatly appreciate your help and support in helping him along the way with his treatments and recovery.

Please crosspost if you wish. We want to make sure we can give him all the help he needs.

I know that together, we CAN save this boy!

He will be transferred next Tuesday to:

CROSSROADS ANIMAL HOSPITAL      1826 Carl Jones Road Moody, AL 35004-3217     (205) 640-4327

You can already call to make a donation if you would like. His account was made today for his arrival next week. This pet is under the account BONNIE BLUE RESCUE (Courtney Groves) “LUKE” . They can take credit cards by phone and if you wish to mail a check, please mail to the above address and in the notes field of your check please specify donation go to BONNIE BLUE RESQ account “LUKE”. OR you can make a donation on our Chipin Page here:

Many thanks in advance for crossposting. & be sure to check back here for more updates on this sweet guy.

You can also check for updates/photos on our Facebook page. Just go to your main Facebook page and search for “Bonnie Blue Rescue”

*  If you’re interested in adopting Bo or in taking him into your rescue, please email us for more information. We’re HAPPY to put you in touch with our contacts at the shelter and would absolutely love to see Bo safely in foster care, too! *


7 Responses to “Luke.”

  1. Poor Luke - Southern Maryland Community Forums Says:

    […] […]

  2. Anne O Says:

    Made a small donation. I hope those people are caught, punished, and forced to repay the rescue(s) for the rehab of the dogs.

  3. We still can’t get over the fact …. « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] these boys have come SO FAR in just 2.5 […]

  4. Ellie Says:

    What is wrong with people? I saw the originally post and this hog hunter should be shot. What a jerk. I wonder how he would feel with nothing to eat. I bet the guy who owned this poor dogs was as big around as a truck too. urgh

  5. Dose of Reality « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] days I’ve really been struggling with getting him to eat. A bizarre thing, considering this formerly emaciated guy LOVED to eat in his last foster […]

  6. ashley r Says:

    ppl are so cruel. my two dogs are like my children.

  7. Jess N Joe C Says:

    This story just broke a piece of my heart off. How awful. I don’t understand what goes on in peoples’ heads – and to imagine what the poor dog must have been thinking.

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