Taking the plunge!


Really … what’s one more special needs pup at this point, right? 😉

We couldn’t get sweet Bo (who is Luke’s buddy from the cruelty case) out of our mind and off our hearts.

 I mean, could you say “NO” to this sweet face? 

Yeah, us either.

So – it’s official! Bo will be joining Bonnie Blue Rescue, too!

Lucky for sweet Bo, he is in MUCH better condition than poor Luke. We are hoping that Bo may be able to move to a normal foster home as early as this weekend. He will still need weekly checks at the vet to make sure that he’s gaining weight appropriately, that his vitals, bloodwork, etc are all normal for the next few months – but we are positive that with a solid diet of GOOD food, lots of love and TLC  – we’re going to see a different dog in just a few weeks.

We have updated our Chipin for Luke/Bo and have updated the fundraising amount to accommodate the weekly vet visits and other medical expenses that we are anticipating.

With your help, we’ve done an amazing job fundraising and getting the word out on these pups so far – let’s not stop now!


Could you send this blog link around to 5 friends/family members? Could you post it on facebook? Tweet about it? Tell a friend or two?

The more folks who visit our blog/chipin page – the better chance we have to hit our fundraising goal. And I can guarantee y’all – we cannot do it without your help!

For those of you who have already donated, tweeted, shared the link – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


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