Remember when we first saw the weim babies just 4 weeks ago?

Well let me tell you – these weim babies have come a LONG way thanks to awesome foster parents, TONS of TLC (and ivermectin), good food and lots of patience. A big high five to all involved in helping us bring these little ones into rescue. We’re so thankful to have been able to help them.

Meet the weim babies now.

Note: Charlie (formerly Andy) is not pictured, his photos to come soon!

Jax is ADOPTED. This sweet boy totally charmed his foster parents into adopting him! (good job, Jax!)


Handsome Viggo is UP FOR ADOPTION. Viggo is a sensitive, laid-back pup. He’s more cautious than his siblings and would prefer not to be the only dog in his new home (he can’t help it – he gets lonely!)


Gorgeous Violet is UP FOR ADOPTION. She is an independent gal who is a total social butterfly. She’s smart as they come, and loves, loves, loves to play.


Darling Solo is UP FOR ADOPTION and clearly is looking for a person of his very own to snuggle with! Solo is a sweet, independent guy!


Sweet Barney (front) and Macy (behind). Barney is ADOPTED and going to his foster-to-adopt home after this weekend! Macy is UP FOR ADOPTION and is a total social butterfly. She would do best in a home with another pup to romp and  play with.


 Darling Hunter is UP FOR ADOPTION. This gorgeous guy is as sweet as they come. He loves to run and play, chew on his Bully sticks and chow down at supper time!

You can read more about the weim babies journey below:


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