Happy (Almost) Birthday Miracle Babies!


I can’t believe these babies are 4 days away from their one year birthday.

This litter of  “miracle babies” was born on 7/10/09 and man, they’ve come a LONG way.

For those of you who don’t know their whole story, we’ll give you a brief overview. The gorgeous momma dog to these puppies, Sheba, was pulled at the last minute from Rome-Floyd Co. Shelter in Rome, GA by an awesome volunteer who was going to help transport the dogs to a rescue in Bristol, TN. The momma dog gave birth a few days later at a volunteer’s (Julia’s)  home to ten gorgeous puppies.  48 hours after their birth, Julia realized that the puppies were all starting to get sick. The original rescue bailed saying that she would “pray for the puppies but couldn’t help financially”, despite the fact that the entire litter was getting worse and puppies had started dying. This sweet volunteer who had originally pulled the puppies could not stand to sit by and watch them die, doing nothing – so she contacted us and we agreed to take them on. Did we have the funds to do it? No. Were we going to stand by and watch them die one by one? Hell no! What did we do instead? We instantly committed to these pups & had their temp foster mom, Julia, rush them to the vet.

We named this little “the spice girls (& boys)” – Basil, Sage, Pepper, Clover, Poppy, Nutmeg, Java, Paprika, Sesame & Rosemary

(Pepper photographed above)

Once at the vet the pups began a bevy of treatments for parvo/distemper inluding Tamiflu & a hyperimmune serum. We raised funds like crazy to be able to continue to give these babies the best care possible – and thanks to countless donations, amazing volunteers crossposting, and our friends with huge hearts spreading the word – we were able to raise enough to cover their emergency vet bills entirely!

10 days after being born, this litter of 10 was down to a litter of 5. A litter of 5 miracle babies that even the vet said had “beaten the odds”. When first diagnosed with distemper, the vet had said that we would be incredibly lucky to save just one puppy, but we couldn’t accept that as the answer. We, along with countless other across the country, sent lots of positive/healing thoughts and prayers to these pups and under the ever-watchful eye of Julia – five puppies were able to pull through! But those babies didn’t just make it – they went on to find AMAZING forever homes, to find families of their own who love them endlessly, and to grow to be big and beautiful almost-one-year-old dogs.

(Nutemg & her doting momma, Sheba, photographed above)

Check back soon for “after” photos of these gorgeous babies and updates from their forever homes!


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