BBR’s First Giveaway!


In honor of our website’s second anniversary,

the miracle babies first birthday,

& our foster mom, Caroline’s, awesome new pet boutique …

 we’re kicking off our first ever Bonnie Blue Rescue giveaway!

The prize: 1 Bella Bean OR Mimi Green collar of your choice from this site (up to $32 value).

To enter: Comment on this post with the words “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” AND tell us a bit about your forever dog, foster dog, or dog you hope to one day have!

Housekeeping: Giveaway ends at midnight EST on Saturday, July 10th! There is only one winner. Only one entry per e-mail address is permitted. Duplicate entries from the same email address will be tossed out. The winner will be selected using and announced on Sunday, July 11th. The collar is not a donation in full or in part to Bonnie Blue Rescue, but was purchased by a volunteer to use for this giveaway. Good Luck!

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20 Responses to “BBR’s First Giveaway!”

  1. Sara Benghauser Says:


    My favorite Bonnie Blue Rescue pup is Henry, of course! He is originally a Beanie and I had the pleasure of fostering him for a few weeks. Henry has a forever home and is doing great!

  2. Mel Says:

    Our favorite foster dog is the our Sweet baby Jax that we adopted from Bonnie Blue Rescue!
    Thank you for all that you do.

  3. Melissa Says:


    Our rescue dog, Duchy, has touched our lives in countless ways. She is the perfect example of a sticker I recently saw: “Who rescued who?”

  4. Mary Dowdy Says:

    Happy Anniversary! and Happy Birthday Beanie Babies!

    Our favorite foster dog is now our forever dog Lance who we adopted from Bonnie Blue Rescue! Can’t ever say enough good things about everything that you do!

  5. Leah Says:


    Our ACD rescues, Cooper & Annie, bring joy to us every moment of every day. Rescue dogs are truly special, as much as those who rescue them!

  6. Catherine Davis Says:

    Our for ever dog is Lacey! We got her from Bonnie Blue and I think ya’ll saved her from Amelia County. She had 8 babies. When she came to us she just did not know how to be a dog. Our other for ever dog Destiny showed her the ropes. Now she, herds, stalks, plays tug of war, digs, barks (sometimes), and loves her toys. The more noise the better. She loves the couch and loves her new kids. She is loving and gentile and an absolut love. She has brought the spark back to Destiny and fits into our family just perfect. She sleeps with us everynight and has made our family so happy. We love our new baby gilr!

  7. Robin Richter Says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    We have three rescues and a foster dog right now. Cujo, our oldest at 8 years old, was a stray that was hit by a car. A friend took her in and in a few short months had to move into a no-pet apartment. We gladly took her in. She is the sweetest, most loyal dog I’ve ever known. She is a shepherd/lab/chow mix.
    Rocco is a Boston Terrier that my youngest son bought five years ago. Once he grew tired of keeping him in an apartment (and going through the puppy stage of chewing when he wasn’t crated), he gave him to me. I was thrilled! He is the sweetest, cuddliest Boston Terrier I’ve ever known. He’s also the largest BT I’ve ever seen.
    Lilly was a rescued Boston Terrier from South Florida. She was a gift to a family that knew nothing about BT’s. They made her a yard dog and allowed her to breed with a chihuahua. She was practically a baby herself when a neighbor could watch no more as she lived in the outdoors and gave birth to her pups. We found her on and applied immediately. She is the perfect quirkly little fit to our home. She barks in her sleep frequently and wakes herself up!
    Our foster, Nelly, is a beautiful blue/cream/white Pitbull. He was a stray that was found in Orlando. A rescue got him and I took him to foster 3 weeks ago. He is very loving, a total lap dog and was obviously someone’s pet, as he is housebroken and uses the doggie door perfectly.
    I think rescue and adoption is the only way to go to get a “new” dog. It sure works for us and the dogs that choose us to do so.

  8. Lauren Sellers Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    I found my senior Catahoula Louie at a kill shelter in north Florida. He had a gunshot wound, a split ear, and an intestinal infection. It took us months to get him into good health. He is my baby! I love him so much, I can’t even describe it. He is also our 1 yr-old’s best friend. They play together all day.

  9. Libby Brown Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    We absolutely LOVE Cy (previously know as Barney)! He is a fabulous addition to our family. Everyone comments on how handsome/cute he is, and I always mention the amazing work that BBR did to get him to this point.

    We are so grateful to you (and Tom) for all the love, time, and energy you put into Cy and his litter mates…not to mention the many other pups that have come through your organization.

    Thank you for all that you do and for bringing Cy into our lives!

  10. Heather Rial Says:


    …and Happy Birthday to the spice puppers – gosh they were darling!

    So very happy to see your site and your Rescue doing so well! What would all the pups and kitties do without you! Bless YOU!!!

    I have several Rescues – Ru (rooshka my babooshka) a small, grey and black Schnauzer – ballerina by morning – love monkey by night – she gets belly rubs before bed and we thank each person who helped rescue her. Bullet, my regal white and fawn Whippet – saved as the original owner Microchipped him – Please Micro-Chip folks it saves lives!!! – and little Agnes, a very small Schnauzer who found our house in a blinding rainstorm – no pun here, but she is blind too (and deaf). These 3 along with my Black Schnauzer Mojo, my 3 beautiful black kitties, Meow, Max, and Lola – and our snake Luna~ Lately I have been thinking about starting a Senior Hospice for wayward Schnauzers…hahaha –

    These dear furry family members make my life pure joy – there is never a dull moment – always a ton of laughs at their antics – and of course lots of lovin – they are all so affectionate – I love them all and treasure every day I have with them!

    I cannot imagine life without my pets – animals of all kinds and breeds – and I do totally believe there is a Heaven for us all – all living things – my darling Gizzard (yes, another Schnauzer) is there, waiting at the Rainbow bridge~ love him and miss him terribly~

    All the best to you and your Awesome Rescue
    Kind regards
    and lots of tail waggin

  11. Michelle Couch Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!
    My heart overflows with gratitude for Bonnie Blue Rescue!!! Sheba, the miracle babies mother, was my foster who STAYED FOREVER!!! From the moment she arrived last Sept. 17th, she stole our hearts and fit in perfectly with her new extended family of furry friends (all rescues too!). Her very best friend is our 10 year old Catahoula, Marlee, whose life has been enriched beyond measure, just like ours! It’s still a love fest with those two! What an incredible blessing Sheba is! If not for Bonnie Blue Rescue, Sheba and her 10 unborn pups would have been euthanzed at the high kill shelter in GA. It is unthinkable. But, because of your rescue’s extraordinary efforts, these beautiful animals are now living incredible lives with families who adore them! God Bless you and all the countless volunteers! Your rescue and Sheba’s story has inspired me to pay it forward by volunteering and helping in any way I can!

  12. Momma Mary Says:

    Happy Anniversary! We have rescued 5 dogs from Bonnie Blue Rescue & fostered many. If we win this collar it will be for Miss Lily – our beautiful catahoula girl.

  13. Nancy Says:

    My rescue dog Bruno is amazing. I love him so much I can’t believe it. I wasn’t looking to adopt a dog when I started fostering him, but now I can’t imagine my life without him! I am so happy to be his forever family!

  14. gwen Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

    i have 2 beautiful “agility” catahoulas, Kali & Bosco! Kali is a dream, Bosco is a nightmare (just kidding, i wouldn’t give him up, at least not today)! 😉

    i have worked with Courtney & Caroline in rescue for some time now. have fostered and failed foster a few times!

    Recently lost my best friend and most precious pup who inspired me to join rescue, Kaya. my world will never be the same without her so in her honor we will compete as “Team Kaya”.

    much love & respect to all of you who devote time and energy to rescue. you are true angels 🙂

  15. Kim Hollis Says:

    Happy Aniversary

  16. tracey dumais Says:

    Happy, Happy Anniversary!!
    I’m always amazed by all that you wonderful folks accomplish!

    I lost my beloved Quinn, aka, Bugsy Sept 12,09 and on june 3rd,10 was fortunate enough to adopt a deaf catahoula puppy. I think dogs bring out the best in us and am grateful to organizations like you that are their guardian angels…

  17. Ron Lane Says:

    Happy Second Anniversary!

    My two adopted hounds are Olivia and Delta (Elizabeth). They chose me and filled a void left by the passing of Usher.

  18. Lauren & Adam Paterson Says:


    Right this minute, we’re celebrating with our overnight transport pups: 4 from Penelope’s litter, Penny herself, and Meri, who’s on her way to PA. The puppies are adorable and Penny is a sweetheart. Meri had lots of fun playing fetch with us…not a shy bone in her body!

    We’ve also adopted two Bonnie Blue rescues, Kona and Phoenix. We adopted Kona a year ago. In February, we fostered Phoenix but fell in love with his energetic personality. He and Kona got along so well, they even shared a tiny cat bed together! Kona is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known and loves her family. She also loves to run with her mom 🙂

    We love them more than we could imagine and are so thankful that Bonnie Blue works so hard to find such wonderful dogs a happy life with families that are equally as grateful!

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