Zoom Zoom


Meet Christy  & Penny (the momma to these stunning babes!). Christy is a rock star volunteer with a group called PAWS NELA that operates in conjunction w/ the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in West Monroe, LA.

Christy and her amazing group of volunteers has helped save countless animals over the past years, even sending many of them to Bonnie Blue Rescue to be adopted out! Christy is the one who originally met sweet Penny in the shelter – and saw something very special in her.

And thanks to Christy and her dedication to find Penny a safe haven – we have this gorgeous litter of babies who will also have a chance at finding their forever homes. Thanks for saving this whole family, Christy!

Here’s a photo of these sweeties getting “pottied” in West Monroe, LA right before they hit the road!

Finally, it was time to load up and hit the road with Miss Rita (and Miss Jennifer helping to load them!)

9 puppies and one momma dog sure can fill a car!

Finally, after  very long 6 hour trip – the little bits (and Miss Penny) arrived in Birmingham, AL to overnight with Miss Jackie!

First it was time to CHOW DOWN on dinner

Then with full bellies *almost* everyone decided to take a long nap!

And ….. hopping on the transport tomorrow is this cutie who is going to join her forever family close to Philadelphia, PA!

To those who crossposted and “shared” this transport, offered to drive, or spent time circulating it to your friends and family – THANK YOU.

It truly takes a village to fill each and every transport – and this three-day, 28 hour transport for 11 dogs was no exception. Bless you all.

PS. – If you haven’t done so yet – register here to win a FREE COLLAR anytime between now & midnight on Saturday 7/10/10!

(as a heads up, only 13 folks have registered so far – so your chances of actually winning are decent!)


2 Responses to “Zoom Zoom”

  1. Rita Tucker Says:

    Have to tell you this is the sweetest family. Penny is a sweetheart and the pups are all beautiful!! One little drama queen on the way to Vicksburg kept whining and the radio didn’t work. However, the voice major in me took over. Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Puppies of the World, red and yellow, black and white, saved the day. I sang it all the way to Vicksburg. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

  2. Adam Paterson Says:

    We were lucky enough to have Penny and 4 of her pups over night along with Meri. They were a handful and a half but worth every bit of effort. My wife and I were so happy to help bring this group up for BonnieBlue to get them to their forever homes. And for the family that gets Meri, love her to death, she has the best energy and is sooooo lovable.

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