Giveaway: Round 2


Bonnie Blue Rescue’s second giveaway will be posted later this evening……

here’s a hint of things to come!

(and no, we are not giving away a weekend at the beach. get real.)


But DO check back later tonight to enter to win!


2 Responses to “Giveaway: Round 2”

  1. tracey dumais Says:

    I was fortunate to adopt my deaf catahoula pup on June 3rd/10, and currently take Riel to the river a half an hour from where we live. My last dog Quinn, was a super swimmer, she passed away Sept 12/09. I know that Riel will never be Quinn but I believe she will love swimming and all the fun we can have at the water!

  2. Lori W. Says:

    My JRT Spec loves to ride on the boogie board in the pool while I push him around. He won’t jump in the pool, but loves to ride around or sit on my lap while I am floating. I should have named him Velcro, he doesn’t like being far away from me. Hoping to take him to the ocean so he can do the real thing, I think he would love it!

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