Meet Finn.

This handsome guy was was found in Bristol, TN by a young fellow who was out for a run. The dog joined him on his run and accompanied him all the way home, over a mile away. Once home, the guy contacted our dear rescue friend Anita to help find Finn’s owners. Despite contact &  notifying all the proper places, an owner has not come forth for sweet Finn.

Anita turned to us to see if we could help find this guy a forever family.

Finn is about 1 year old and weighs about 60 pounds. He was neutered, brought up to date on all his vaccines, including Bordatella, and was heartworm tested, which was negative, this past Monday. He was also put on flea, tick and heartworm preventive. He will be fecal tested and micro-chipped later this week when his sutures are checked. He is either Lab or Flat Coated Retriever.

Because Finn is a one year old male pup who was just neutered, he is relatively high energy. He will pull on the leash as he likes to “explore” when on walks. Finn also will bark at other dogs when he initially sees them, but once he meets them, especially female dogs, he loves them. Finn prefers female dogs to male dogs, but can make friends with anyone if they are sweet with him. Finn is working on basic obedience and has learned sit so far (in just a day or two!). He is a smart guy, and he learns quickly. Finn will need obedience training soon and Finn’s new friend Anita is willing to sponsor Finn’s obedience training, lowing his adoption fee to $225.

Finn really loves people. He gives sweet kisses, and takes treats nicely. He really LOVES to eat, but is not food aggressive at all. He rides well in the car and loves to get in the back seat and stick his nose out the window. Finn has never been an inside dog before so house training is new to him – but he’s so smart we know he’ll catch on quickly. Finn also LOVES water – he would be a great beach/river/pool/lake buddy.

This boy is going to need an active family or person, no small children, and a good sized yard to run off his energy. Finn isn’t a wild man by any means, but will require at least an hour of solid exercise every day. Having another dog to romp and play with would also benefit Finn. Finn really is an amazing guy and despite his rough start at life, he is going to make an amazing companion for a family.

If you’re interested in adopting this sweet guy, send us an email at for more information.



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