8/4/10 UPDATE:  We only have 4 1/2 more days to raise the last $310 needed for Aspen’s eye surgery! Thank you so, so much to everyone who has donated so far! If you’re not able to donate right now, no worries! Can you “share” this link w/ your friends/family over email, facebook, twitter. It takes a village to help raise and save a special needs puppy like Aspen, and with your help – we can give this girl the chance to SEE for the first time ever.


Aspen is one VERY special little ‘houla girl.

(and we knew it from the moment we first laid eyes on this photo of her)

She originally came into the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in West Monroe, LA almost one year ago as an absolutely stunning 4-5 week old little tyke. Christy, from PAWS NELA, contacted us about taking this sweet little special needs puppy into rescue, and we couldn’t say no!

We knew from day one that she was likely blind and deaf – but it didn’t matter. She grabbed our hearts anyway.

(I mean, could you have said no to this adorable sleeping-upside-down puppy?)

Aspen stayed with an awesome temporary foster mom, Shari, for about two weeks.

With Shari, Aspen learned about good puppy manners, playing with friends, and most importantly – pottying outside!

(Video of baby Aspen & her friend Amber playing here)

(Aspen at 5 weeks)

After a few weeks in foster care in, little 5 lb Aspen made her way to Richmond to stay with me (Courtney) and has been in foster care w/ my crew ever since.

(Aspen at 8 weeks)

(Aspen at 10 weeks; photographed with “big sis” Lila)

Over the course of the past 11 months, this amazing little girl has grown, grown, grown, and grown. And watching her grow has been a complete blessing.

(Aspen zooming around the yard at 10 weeks)

(Aspen @ 3.5 months)

Aspen is now housebroken, crate trained, & walks like an angel on a leash. She is funny, smart and sweet. I truly cannot say enough good things about Aspy. When she first came into rescue I realized that she might end up staying forever due to her disabilities. Now, as she’s approaching her 1 year birthday, I cannot believe I ever felt that way. The only thing/person limiting Aspen early on was me. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever fostered and hands down the bravest girls I’ve ever met.

(Aspy at 4 months)

A lot of things that *should* scare her – she tackles with amazing grace. (Like wearing a Santa hat!)

(Aspen at 5 months)

Swimming is absolutely Aspen’s new favorite hobby – we cannot get to the river often enough for this girl! (Aspen at 10 months, swimming like a champ!)

She loves going to the dog park, doggy daycare, on long walks around Richmond and even camping and hiking!

Sadly, Aspen is often overlooked because she is “special needs”.

Though she does having vision impairment (she sees probably 10-15% of what most “normal” dogs would see), she does not let anything in the world slow her down. She does not have any significant hearing impairment. Unfortunately, many adopters cannot get past her vision impairment to get to know the REAL Aspy.

(Aspen at 11 months w/ Henry)

A funny, sweet, and incredibly loving little gal.

(A very dirty Aspen at 8 months hanging out with her foster siblings)

This past week, we went to our favorite eye Dr – Dr. Blair w/ Animal Eye Care of Richmond for a checkup. And we left with some amazing news! Though Dr. Blair does not think Aspen has any vision in her right eye at all, he feels that the vision in her left eye could be greatly improved by surgery!

(Aspen at 11 months)

This surgery would be for her left eye only (though Dr. Blair will check out her right eye further during surgery to see if anything can be done there). Aspen’s left eye is misshapen and currently has an extra “globe” attached to the side of it. Her pupil/iris portion of her eye are being pulled in and down towards her nose. Dr. Blair thinks that it’s likely that the muscle on the left side of her eye is either malformed or not there at all. His plan is to either alter the muscle on the right side of her eye to allow her eyeball to sit in proper position or use sutures to pull her eyeball to the left to sit in proper position.

It’s more than a little complicated to explain, and trust me, I’m no doctor – but the jist is this –

this surgery could significantly improve Aspen’s vision and quality of life.

How could we say no to that?

The surgery has been estimated at $750 and we are fundraising to be able to make sure that Aspen has this chance.

Can you help us reach our total of $750 prior to Aspen’s schedule surgery date of August 9th? We’ve got two weeks to make this happen!

 Unfortunately, $750 is a TON of money for a rescue our size – so we need your help! Even the donation of a dollar or two can help our sweet girl gain vision in her left eye!

Could you skip the Starbucks one morning this week and put that $3-4 towards Aspen’s upcoming surgery? Could you help hold a family lemonade stand this weekend to teach your kids about helping puppies in need? ? Can you “share” the link to this blog post with your family/friends and encourage them to donate a dollar or two?

Many thanks in advance for your help with our fundraising efforts on behalf of this sweet sweet girl.

Donations can be made online via Paypal or our ChipIn Page OR by mail.

Please email for our mailing address.



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