That’s right – we need short term foster homes for several of our little people! Could you open your home for 2 weeks maximum for one of these babies?

These pups all have adoption applications pending, but they need a place to park their tiny hinie’s for a week or two in the Richmond/Charlottesville/DC area.

We will provide everything they need for 2 weeks (crate, toys, food, etc) – they literally just need a home to hang out in and lots of love.

Please email us ASAP at if you can help! These little people arrive on Saturday so we need our foster homes lined up ASAP!



  1. Adam Paterson Says:

    I helped transport the Leo, Sasha & Cleo(the bottom three puppies in the photos) and they are so cute! Even though they are really little all of them have great personalities. My wife and I would have loved to foster one of these pups had our schedules allowed it. Help foster one of these pups you will not regret it.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Please send me a foster application to RAHTHRIFT-at-AOL.COM.

  3. Jennifer Atkins Says:

    Hi there,
    Do you still need a short term foster family for the puppies? I belong to two rescue groups – East Coast Asian Dog Rescue and Mutts Matter. My foster dog was just recently adopted to his forever home so I am open to help if you need it! I live in Mechanicsville, VA.

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