We still can’t get over the fact ….



That these boys have come SO FAR in just 2.5 months!

Remember their first photos?

The above photos taken in May 2010 after Luke (hound/boxer/pittie mix) and Bo (catahoula leopard mix) were taken into custody by animal control.

You can read more about the boy’s story here.


The short version is this: Bo & Luke were abandoned at the rental home of their previous owner. Luke was chained to the front porch of the home and Bo was left penned up in a small crate. We think these boys went 4-5 weeks without any food or water. Once picked up by animal control and the Mobile County Animal Shelter, they were taken straight to Rhem Animal Clinic in Mobile County, AL for treatment. Without immediate action on animal control’s part & the excellent care by Dr. Elizabeth Lantz at Rhem, these pups would have died within hours. Without the support you all gave these boys – through donations, crossposting on Facebook and sending happy thoughts & prayers their way – they would not have had a chance.

The money we raised covered almost 80% of their vet care (both immediate and extended), boarding while going through treatment, heartworm treatment (for Bo), and several check-up’s for both boys.


Without friends and benefactors, we would have never been able to afford to take this sweet boys into foster care.

And we’re so happy that we did.

They’re both absolutely amazing boys


are both up for adoption now!

Check back later this week for updates on how these sweeties are doing in foster care & for new photos!


One Response to “We still can’t get over the fact ….”

  1. Vivienne Says:

    Oh my gosh that’s AMAZING! I remember seeing their pictures five months ago.. You did a great job with them, I’m so happy to see that they are happy and healthy again! Will you allow out of state adoptions? I have an Aussie mix and have been looking to adopt a similar breed.. We live in Maryland, please let me know if it’s possible to adopt Bo and what steps I will need to take.. Thanks!

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