Remember Finn?

Well – he’s still in foster care.

Only? He’s not actually in a foster home.

He’s in boarding.

Yup, he’s stuck in a kennel/run right now, because we do not have a foster home for him to go to.

It really sucks and to be honest, its expensive.

Finn’s expenses, to date, have been paid by an incredibly generous volunteer who was contacted to help rescue this sweet boy but this cannot go on forever.

And let’s be brutally honest here – growing up in a kennel is no environment for a pup. Though Miss Anita goes to visit him often; it’s still not the same as having a home of his own.

So we’re reaching out to YOU to see if you can help us help Finn find his forever family?

We know they’re out there somewhere! We just need a little help locating them.

Read below to find out more about Finn & how YOU can help (w/ just one minute of your time)

A cute, goofy & charming guy like Finn needs a family of his own.

Someone to take him on walks, run and play with him.

Maybe even throw a tennis ball or two (cause this guy LOVES to play fetch)

Anita says this about Finn, “The more I am around him, the more I love him.  He is a pretty cool dog. He’s still learning about new things, but he corrects well and is very smart. You can touch his eyes, ears, teeth, feet, tail, haunches, hug him, everything, and he is fine.  He does not startle.  Loud noises do not bother him.  He loads right up in the car, but when the door is open, he is ready to GO!!!  He does still need work on-leash, but  an Illusion collar might be a great idea for him. He is also one of the best smelling dogs I have ever met.  He does not smell like a dog!!  He has that warm fur smell that is just one of the happiest smells that I know of.”

Sounds like this guy is a win-win, huh? We think so, too.
So here’s how you can help Finn in 1 minute or less:
1) Copy the web address at the top of this page
2) Quickly log onto your facebook page or email
3) Post this web address to your facebook page, or email it to a few friends
4) Ask them to do the same!
Sound simple? It is! And this one minute of your time might be the difference between Finn spending the next month in boarding – or with his forever family.
AND, as an incentive for helping us help place this sweet guy – I (Courtney) will make a personal donation of $50 to the rescue of your choice on behalf of the individual who is ultimately responsible for helping us find Finn’s new home.

Does it get any better than that? You’re not only helping Finn find his family, but you’ll be helping another rescue help even more pups!

Thank you in advance from the bottom of this big eyed, black-coated beauty’s heart – and ours.


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