Meet Miss Penelope – we call her Penny!

Penny is the mom to Marley, Shiloh, Tatum, Bella, Ponzu, Cleo, Blue, Leo, and Sasha.

You first met this family here.

We initially thought she was going to be a very old girl, but she’s really not – instead she’s just mature.

Which is a nice change from puppies!

Penny is already housebroken and cratetrained (though she never needs a crate).

She’s totally content to hang out on her dog bed inside all day long while her people are at work.

Penny has perfect indoor dog manners, and loves finally living inside.

Her teeth are a little wacky, but that’s because her first owner did not take very good care of her.

Penny was covered in fleas and had to gnaw/chew the fleas off of her body. It completely wore down her front teeth.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t slow her down one bit!

She still loves to romp and play, gnaw on bones and go for long walks!

Penny also loves practicing her commands (especially if treats are involved). She already knows “sit”, “down”, “shake”, “high five”, “come” – and we think she may know “roll over” too!

We think Penny is somewhere between 5-7. She sure doesn’t act like a “senior dog” though!

Whenever she’s outside playing, Penny is full speed ahead!

Once inside, she’s a total couch potato!

No joking – this girl LOVES to nap!

As much as we love having this sweet momma girl in foster care – we also want her to be with her forever family as soon as possible. Penny deserves nothing less than the best for the remainder of her life.

If you’re interested in bringing sweet Penny into your family, email us at for more information and a copy of our adoption application.

Credit: All above photos (excluding the last two) courtesy of our CPO (that’s Chief Photography Officer) Renee H!


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