Miss Miya


We found this skin and bones sweet baby stuck in a high-kill shelter in Georgia and had to step in and help her out!

Look at her now with some good food and a foster family to live with and love!

Miya has been learning the in’s and out’s of family life with her foster family.

She is housebroken and goes to her crate when asked. When she goes outside just a gentle “go pee pee” is all she needs to prompt her to go.

Miya waits patiently in her crate all day while her foster mom works.

She loves to rough house with her foster siblings (both Catahoula’s, so she can rough house with big guys). She loves to play tug-a-war with her foster sister.

When they play outside, she will hunker down & pounce out at them to play chase!

Miya loves to swim. She will chase the little splashes around and around(it’s really fun to watch).

She enjoys going to the dog park and gets along well with the other dogs and their humans.

She thinks kids are great and loves to give them puppy kisses.

We often go to open fields off lead and she’s very good at coming when called and even will come at the dog park when asked even when she’d rather keep playing!

Miya is learning loose lead walking (which she’s learning as almost a loose heel).

Miya knows sit, come and is working on down. She loves to work for treats, but will work for praise.

She is always happy and wiggles her whole body when she wags her tail.

Miya loves to dash around in the yard.

She’s a kisser & wakes her foster mom every morning about 5 minutes before the alarm with two or three little licks & then bursts into happy wags to greet the morning & her foster family.

She usually follows her foster mom from room to room and doesn’t wander far from her.

Miya’s only about 30 pounds, so she’ll stay a medium size. She’s super sweet and loves everyone.

She’s not a barker, she’ll give a couple barks when someone walks by the house to sound the alarm and that’s about it.

We believe she is some sort of Pointer Mix, she has a cute little point.

She also has an awesome Mohawk! (we tried dying it koolaid pink … we’ve since washed that out!) 🙂

Miya’s really enjoying knowing what indoor life and living with a family can be, she is definitely ready to find her very own family love.

If you’re interested in adopting this amazing little girl: email us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com for more information on our adoption process and to request an adoption application!


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