***Update: Tatum is ADOPTED!***

A message from Tatum:

“Hi new friends, my name is Tatum!

Sometimes they call me “Tae” or “Tator” for short!

My awesome foster family is on vacation this weekend, so I got to come to Richmond with my sister, Bella, and play with some new puppy friends.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to hang out with my brother, Marley. He’s a funny guy.

My brothers and sisters and I have been in foster care since before we were born! Pretty wacky, huh?

Here’s my baby photo!

As you can see, I’m really starting to grow – I turned 14 weeks old today!

I’m a really happy girl, most of the time, but I’ve been a little sad lately ….

you see, almost all of my brothers and sisters are adopted –

but no one has wanted to take me home yet. 😦

I promise that I’m a really good girl.

I want to do whatever I can to make my people happy

(even if it’s something really boring like taking a nap in my crate or waiting patiently while you fix my dinner).

My friend, C , is letting me crash at her place for a few days and she says I make her laugh SOOOO MUCH!

beautiful blue-eyed girl

I’m pretty sure that’s because I sometimes do funny things like put my feet in the outside water bucket and pretend to swim,

or sticking out my tongue every time I do my “shake” command.

But, hey, if she’s happy – I’m happy.

Though I’ve had a lot of fun playing at C’s – I’m really ready to see my foster family again.

Did you know that they have two little girls that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play with?!

They promised to be my best human friends until my forever family decided to come and find me!

Do you know anyone who might need a sweet & funny girl like me in their lives? If so – can you share my post with them?

Let them know I can do lots of cool things like “sit” and wiggle my eyebrows!!

I am also a mad (that means really, really good) snuggler.

Tell them I will also give them lots & lots of kisses when they come to meet me.

(I’ll win them over immediately – don’t worry!)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me!”



Anyone interested in adopting Tatum can request an application by emailing bonniebluerescue@gmail.com


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    […] to The Blat Family on your new addition. I have no doubt that Tatum will keep you all laughing and on your toes for years to come. Enjoy this sweet little girl! She is […]

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