Dose of Reality


This morning I had an “A-HA” moment.

The kind that jolts you because it comes on so quickly – yet it’s something you should have known all along.

My “A-HA” moment had to do with sweet Bo.

As many of you know, Bo came to Richmond last weekend via transport. For the last few days I’ve really been struggling with getting him to eat. A bizarre thing, considering this formerly emaciated guy LOVED to eat in his last foster home.

I consider(ed) myself to be a smart, resourceful rescuer who “gets” the pups we take into rescue – so I tried all of the typical methods of getting him to eat before I paranoidly took him to the vet to be checked out.

No matter what I added to his food (cooked rice, cooked chicken, canned food, stinky salmon treats, chicken broth, peanut butter) -Bo wouldn’t do anything more than pick at it. Sure, he might sniff a bit and take a tiny bite or two, but then he would hide his food under his blanket and take a nap.

Still not really eating.

No dice.


This morning, though, I finally got it.

That “A-HA” moment.

The reason Bo wasn’t eating his breakfast/lunch/dinner when I served it to him? Because I was serving it to him in his crate. The same kind of crate that he spent 4-5 weeks locked up in without food or water just a few short months ago.

Though this boy has moved on in so many ways, he hasn’t forgotten.

He hasn’t forgotten what it was like to be hungry, thirsty, or to have to “save” food because you don’t know when you’ll eat again.

My heart literally broke in half for him this morning when I realized that. No matter how much we love on him, spoil him rotten, feed him good quality food daily like clockwork – he still hasn’t forgotten.

I hope that one day he will.

For me, this was the biggest dose of reality I could have had today & it broke my heart.

For the record: I let Bo out of his crate and took him into the kitchen. I fed him right next to my pups, dumping food in each of their bowls. And Bo? He gobbled his breakfast down. Same thing with his lunch today. Dinner, too.

Go figure.


One Response to “Dose of Reality”

  1. gwen Says:

    they never forget. good job on figuring it out though! 🙂

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