well, well, well


Remember this sweet boy when he first came into rescue?

(remember how we accidentally called him “Bo” until we learned his name was really “Luke”? Ooops. 🙂 )

He was a mess.

Skinny, scared, but still so sweet.

After just a month of good food & LOTS of TLC he was feeling so very much better

& looking like a completely different dog!

Since he was healthy enough to travel, it was time for Luke to hit the road and come to Virginia for foster care.


Luke learned lots of important things in foster care like how to make friends with new pups

how to “sit” for treats

& that eating his bed was a really bad idea.



We just got word the other day that Luke was doing so well with his foster family,

The Thrift’s,

that they’ve decided to make him a permanent member of their family!


We  couldn’t be happier for this sweet, snuggly boy.

Luke will now always have a family of his own to love on him.

An absolutely adorable “big sister” Coconut to snuggle & snooze (& snore?) with him.

Kids of his own to love, protect, and wrestle & play with.

a dad to nap with

& a mom to dress him up in socks & buy him real bones

A lucky guy?

We think so!

CONGRATS Thrift Family on your newest addition!


also go out to everyone who contributed towards Luke & Bo’s care from day one

& sent positive vibes their way.

To Dr. Lantz & the entire crew and Rhem Animal Clinic,

to Natalie who was Bo & Luke’s greatest advocate from day one,

to the Haynes Family & the Judge’s for fostering this sweet boy

& to the Thrift’s for realize what an amazing boy Luke really is.

Thank you all.


2 Responses to “well, well, well”

  1. wendy Says:

    Wow Luke has come full circle since his arrival at the Mobile. Co.
    Shelter. Bo and Luke will always be my favorite shelter story EVER. Thanks everybody . Is there a way to share the story and pics on facebook?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    He’s the love of my life!

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