Aspy’s Good News/Bad News


Let’s start with the good, eh?

Miss Aspen is ONE HAPPY GIRL!

Why? Because she found her forever family!

Yes, she did! And we couldn’t be happier.

We couldn’t imagine a better home or a better fit for sweet Aspen.

This lucky girl has acres & acres to run and play on, 2 “big” brothers to play with, and amazing adopters who simply adore her.

The only thing Aspen’s missing? Sight.

As many of you know, Aspen went in for a very special eye surgery a little over one month ago.

We were beyond hopeful that this surgery could significantly impact the vision in her left eye & allow her to really see things for the first time.

For the first 24 hours after surgery we could see a MAJOR difference. It was obvious that Aspen was seeing things, really seeing them, for the first time.

She was walking in straight lines, not bumping into anything, and she got verrrrry friendly with the kitties.

Unfortunately, less than 48 hours after her surgery, the sutures had come loose. Aspen’s eye ball shifted back down, close to it’s former position.

Only this time? She could not see anything, at all.

<blurry photo below shows the redness of her eye & loose sutures just a few days post surgery>


When we went back to visit the eye specialist who had done her surgery, he was disappointed that the sutures had come out, but felt like that was a common occurrence in this seemingly uncommon surgery. He suggested doing the surgery again, in one month’s time, to allow her the scar tissue in her eye to heal. In our followup visit he made it clear that he felt that because the surgery had failed once, the likelihood of Aspen’s vision being what we wanted had significantly decreased.

I’m sure many of you will ask why I didn’t post about this before. The reason? Every single time I sat down to type out the words, I simply could not. I’ve cried for hours over this baby girl. Having had her in my home from 5 weeks until she was 1+ years old, I physically hurt when I realized what she had lost. I grieved for Aspen and was so frustrated that the surgery we had hoped would help actually ended up making her vision worse/nonexistent. I blamed myself for putting her through the surgery, for not seeing other specialists before doing surgery, etc. After a lot of conversations and a lot of tears (on Courtney’s part), we decided to reach out and see what Aspen’s other options were. Enter Dr. Creasy. Dr. Creasy is one of the main vets with Hanover Green Vet Clinic – our primary clinic in the Richmond, VA area. (We HIGHLY recommend them if you’re in the Richmond area – you can’t beat the vet care or the price!) Dr. Creasy has been Aspen’s advocate since day one, and reached out to several specialists at Virginia Tech’s Vet School. With her referral, we were able to make an appointment there.

Aspen goes in Monday, September 27th for her appointment at Virginia Tech. If all goes well and they feel as if they can re-do her surgery (and make it successful this time!) then she will have that surgery on Tuesday. The kicker? The surgery quote they gave me today is between $1200-1500. I’m pretty sure my heart sank to the floor when I heard those numbers. That being said, we committed to this girl 110% on the day that we took her into rescue and we are committed to giving her the best quality of life possible. We will do whatever it takes to give Aspen every opportunity to be able to see. Luckily,  VT did seem willing to work with us and understood that even $1200 was a ton of money for a small rescue to come up with in 5 days. We are holding off on fundraising until we know for sure that they will be doing surgery for Aspen on Tuesday – but we promise to keep you all in the loop. If the surgery is a “go”, we’ll let you know! It’s going to take a lot of friends & Aspy-lovers to help raise the money to fund her second surgery and truly, we’re going to need all the help we can get. We do have a super cool incentive prize for those who help us crosspost & fundraise (more on that soon ….)

For now, can you send healing thoughts her way? I think all of our minds and hearts are heavy and hopeful regarding Aspen’s Monday appointment at Virginia Tech. I’ll let you know more as soon as I do.


One Response to “Aspy’s Good News/Bad News”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I hope all goes well for Aspy she is a special girl and has been very lucky to have you in her life. I so glad she found a “forever home” where she’ll be loved and well cared for….

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