Lucky Leo


I had the chance to visit with sweet Leo at the barn tonight!

& I had so much fun catching up with this handsome guy and his amazing forever family.

Can you tell?  This sweet guy is totally spoiled rotten!

Remember Leo from the early days? He was one of Penny’s puppies!

He was originally named “Mr. Snuggles”. That name still fits this floppy, snuggly pup!

Leo is officially a {very well loved} barn pup.

Leo loves coming out to the barn to play with his family (and their horses) every evening.

Exploring the farm, harassing the barn kitty & eating horse poop are right up his alley.

Leo also thinks chewing hooves leftover by the farrier is a SUPER FUN activity!

&, you know, when he’s worn himself out ….

Leo has decided that his dad’s truck is a pretty stellar place to take a nap!

I also think Leo kindof enjoys all of the attention he gets at the barn.

Everyone is smitten with this {not so} little lad.

& truthfully, can you blame them?

We’re totally smitten, too!


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