Bella girl


Do you remember our sweet Bella girl?

She’s one of Penny’s pups!

Bella was adopted by a wonderful forever family – The Frey’s!

and this little lady is loving life in her forever home.

She has parents who love her troublemakin’ tail to pieces,

two little people to grow up with

a big brother named Indy to show her the ropes,

& a big (but little in size) brother named Natey to roughhouse with!

Note: Nate doesn’t know he’s a cat.

All in all, Bella is having a lot of fun with her forever family!

She has TONS of fun new toys to play with

& has a lot of fun helping with the chores!

Its obvious to us that this little lady has landed in the most amazing home.

Lucky, lucky pup.

Thank you, Frey Family, for loving this sweet sweet evil-super genius!


One Response to “Bella girl”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Absolutely love this fantastic series of pictures & captions that perfectly paint a heartwarming story of Bella’s wonderful life with her forever family! One of the best happily ever after stories that all began so far away with one sweet pregnant dog pulled from a shelter in Louisiana by her first guardian angel. Who could count how many additional guardian angels were involved in rescuing, transporting, fostering & loving Momma Penny & her 8 adorable pups so they could all have Bella’s happy ending! Extraordinary! I pray that sweet Momma Penny got her very own Frey family too!

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