Lancelot’s Happy Tale


Meet Sir Lancelot.

When we first saw the shelter photo of Lance (with his siblings) we totally fell in love.

I mean who doesn’t love puppies in a bucket?!

Lance &  his 3 siblings – Phoenix, Valentine, & Mr. Luce made their way to rescue this past January.

(the other two pups in the litter were adopted out locally)

We knew Lance was going to be a character from day one in rescue.

Our big hint came when Lance’s foster parents, Mary & Jason sent us these photos of their mini clown.


Sweet Lance started charming The Dowdy Family on day 1.

He started with Lola (his soon-to-be official big sister)

and then moved on to Jason

& then Mary.

You can’t really blame them for falling in love …

between the ears & the tongue …

this sweet boy was a C-H-A-R-M-E-R!

So by day 2, we knew that Lance was staying forever.

And by day 10 The Dowdy Family knew it, too. 😉

We’ve had so much fun watching this sweet boy grow and grow

over the past (almost) year.

Mary & Jason – thank you for fostering & then adopting this sweet, handsome guy.

We cannot imagine a better forever family for him.

And to Lola – thank you for tolerating your big brother.

We know he’s an attention hog.

We love you all!

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WE LOVE UPDATES! Have a BBR pup that you’ve adopted? A Happy Tale you’d like to share? Send us an update! Email us updated photo of your forever pup. We LOVE getting happily ever after updates.


2 Responses to “Lancelot’s Happy Tale”

  1. Mary Dowdy Says:

    We are so grateful for all the efforts of Bonnie Blue to help so many sweet dogs find wonderful families. Lance is ALWAYS happy like he somehow knows Bonnie Blue gave him a second chance and he’s not going to miss out on a thing. We love our running buddy/roadtrip partner/cuddlebug sweet sweet Catahoula. We are so happy he thought we were the right family to charm his way into!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    An absolute joy to read! What a beautiful, beautiful family! Thank you to the Dowdy family & Bonnie Blue Rescue & crew of network angels! This amazing happily ever after story is truly what it is all about! And, the pics are priceless! Love them! Thank you BBR for sharing so much through this awesome blog!

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