TX Help Needed TOMORROW To Save 4!



We still need help, ASAP.
If we cannot find a 1-2 week temp foster for these babies, they will be euthanized TOMORROW!

These babies are too young to be in regular boarding and their immune systems are too weak to be boarded at a vet clinic. They MUST be in a foster home.

We found out about 2 pups from a shelter in Texas City,TX today (40 miles south of Houston).

We called to see if they were still available and found out that one of the pups is coughing.

All pups need to be out tomorrow or will be put to sleep.

They are at Galveston County Animal Shelter Services in Texas City, TX:

And, there aren’t 2 puppies. There are 4 in the litter.

We found someone to drive down & pull them for us tomorrow. They have a vet appointment @ 11:40am & will then be heading back to Houston w/ the transporter. She cannot, however, hang onto them once she’s back in Houston.

WE DESPERATELY NEED A 1-2 WEEK TEMP FOSTER anywhere between Texas City, TX & Houston, TX.

We will cover any/all reasonable medical expenses for these babies & will even reimburse for toys, treats, pee pads, etc.


Can you help us? Do you have rescue friends in that area who could temp foster?

Please email us ASAP at
bonniebluerescue@gmail.com or me personally at
courtneysgroves@hotmail.com if you can help!


One Response to “TX Help Needed TOMORROW To Save 4!”

  1. Dyann Carr Says:

    I might be able to help

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