Santa Biscuit is going HOME




Santa Biscuit has found his forever home! & anyone who drives his transport this weekend will get a small treat from Santa’s red sack!

After 2+ months in rescue, this little man is finally heading to an awesome forever home with a pitbull-savvy forever momma of his own (and two young boys to romp and play with). His family is so excited for him to arrive – can you help us help this little man make it home safely?
Note: Biscuit’s Richmond foster mom would typically drive Leg #1, but she has just had major surgery and is confined to the house for a few weeks – as such, the driver doing Leg #1 will need to pick Biscuit up from the foster’s home (less than 1 mile off of Forest Hill Avenue exit).

If you can drive, please contact:
and include the following:
1) Leg Offered
2) Home/Cell #
3) Vehicle Description
4) Hometown
5) Best Email Address

Crossposting is GREATLY appreciated!

Meet sweet Biscuit here:

Sunday, December 12th

Richmond, VA – Charlotte, NC

Sending Rescue: Bonnie Blue Rescue
Contact Name: Courtney Groves
Location: Richmond, VA

Passenger 1 : Biscuit

Breed: Pittie/Lab Mix
Age: 4 months
Sex: Male

Health: Healthy, up to date on vaccines, neutered & microchipped.
Size/Weight: approx 22 lbs
Traveling with collar/leash/health certificate/small bag of toys,chewies, food.
Sending Foster: Stacey H.

Sunday, December 12th

Leg 1 – Filled by Erin!

Richmond, VA – South Hill, VA

81 miles, 1 hour 20 minutes

8:00am – 9:20am

Leg 2 – NEEDED

South Hill, VA – Durham, NC

71 miles, 1 hour 14 minutes

9:30am – 10:45am

Leg 3 – NEEDED

Durham, NC – Greensboro, NC

53 miles, 1 hour

10:55am – 11:55am

Leg 4 – NEEDED

Greensboro, NC – Salisbury, NC

51 miles, 55 minutes

12:05pm – 2:00pm

Leg 5 – Filled by Paula!

Salisbury, NC – Charlotte, NC

43 miles, 50 minutes

2:10pm – 3:00pm


3 Responses to “Santa Biscuit is going HOME”

  1. Mary Bottoms Says:

    I live close to the foster mom. I’m checking my work schedule to see if some one there can switch shifts with me so I can take slot #1 of the treak. Would love to get him to his permanent home!! Love them all so…

  2. Mary Bottoms Says:

    Worked details out I am able to do the first part of the trek. My daughter will ride with me to help with Santa Biscuit. Please confirm with me.

  3. Biscuit’s Happily Ever After « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] Remember sweet Santa Biscuit? […]

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