Molly’s Heart



Molly’s heart is breaking.

Molly’s mom is moving to a nursing home and cannot take Molly with her.

Molly’s mom’s kids cannot keep Molly because she is not allowed in their apartment.

Molly is scared, and nervous, and her entire world is changing.

If not accepted into rescue, Molly’s next stop is the pound where she will absolutely be euthanized.

Because she is black and a senior dog, she will be considered unadoptable and likely euthanized as soon as her owners leave the parking lot.

Molly is a mellow senior girl who is so well-mannered. She is housetrained, walks right next to her people on walks and is an all around great dog. Molly never jumps, does not bark, and is incredibly low-key. Molly has been cat tested, kid tested & tested with other dogs. She does well with everyone!

Molly is looking for an adoptive home or a retirement home where she can be loved, and loved, and loved. Molly’s ideal adoptive home or retirement home will have a soft, comfy bed for her to snooze on, loves of snuggles and kisses, and a home understanding of the fact that even though she may move a little slower than other pups, she still has so much love to offer.

We do not want Molly to die of a broken heart at the shelter.

She’s already lost her mom, she does not deserve to lose her life, too.

Bonnie Blue Rescue is committed to taking sweet Molly into rescue IF we can find a foster home or retirement home for her.If you are interested in offering a retirement home or foster home to Molly, please email us at We will cover food, vetting & basics for any foster or retirement home who offers to take in sweet Molly. This is a time-sensitive request because Molly is shelter-bound soon.

If you would like to make a contribution for Molly’s continued retirement care you can do so by PayPal using our email address: or by calling in a donation to our vet’s office at 804.730.2565 under the account of Courtney Groves/Bonnie Blue Rescue.


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    […] In January of this year, we posted an urgent plea for a foster home/retirement home for sweet Molly, a super senior Cocker Spaniel girl. Original post here. […]

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