Happy Family


& the total is 9 beautiful pups for Momma KitKat!

4 blue merle puppies, 1 red merle pup, 3 black puppies & 1 patchworm pup.

Names/sexes/individual photos coming in the coming weeks.

For now, just sweet dreams for this sweet little family.

Our puppy pool winner is LISA!

Email us w/ your mailing address at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com and we’ll get your BBR Bumper Sticker out in the mail!


5 Responses to “Happy Family”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Sooooo cute I want one or two LOL

  2. Pat Says:

    Just saw an email that said there are 12 now!

  3. txtambow Says:


  4. Courtney Bailey Says:

    How cute!!! 🙂

  5. Babycakes update « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] gotten countless emails asking about Momma Rosie’s (previously named Momma KitKat) litter of puppies. Since you all shared in this momma’s last-minute rescue and transport from a shelter in LA, […]

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