Babycakes update


I’ve started typing this post at least 10 times in the past few days, but can never get past the intro.

We try to focus a lot of our energy on the warm-fuzzies and the happy-endings of rescue, but there are a lot of sad & heartbreaking things that come along with rescue, too. This past week has been full of those heartbreaking moments.

In the past week we’ve gotten countless emails asking about Momma Rosie’s (previously named Momma KitKat) litter of puppies. Since you all shared in this momma’s last-minute rescue and transport from a shelter in LA, our anticipation & countdown to their birth, and bump watch, it’s only natural that you would want to hear how they are doing now, too.

Last Monday, Rosie gave birth to twelve gorgeous puppies. Some of the puppies (like puppy #1) were quite large, and others were really small. Rosie was a good momma to her babies early on and seemed to know exactly what to do and how to love them and nourish them.

A couple of days after giving birth, Rosie abruptly sat on two of her puppies when they were separated from the puppy pile. When their foster momma, J, went in to check on the puppies and do the night’s “head count” she found two puppies literally under their momma. J jerked Rosie up and checked on the puppies. They seemed okay and startled at first, but then they started going downhill rapidly. Both of these puppies passed away on Thursday night. Our hearts were shattered, but we also knew to expect that we might lose a puppy or two from such a large litter.

Rosie was a bit distraught, but then started focusing on her other puppies again.

On Friday, she plopped down on an entire pile of puppies (4-5 of them). J was in the puppy room supervising and immediately jerked Rosie back up, and redirected her to lay down next to the pups so that they could nurse. The puppies seemed fine and unharmed.

Sadly, we lost another puppy on Saturday morning,

one puppy Sunday night,

one puppy Monday morning,

and one Tuesday afternoon.

Our hearts keep breaking, and breaking, and breaking again.

Our babycakes have been to the vet for checkups and all appear to be fine other than some mild dehydration (treated w/ sub q fluids). Unfortunately, the vet believes that each of the puppies died due to internal bleeding and possibly toxic milk from Rosie. At this point, we are taking ZERO changes. Rosie is officially no longer allowed to nurse the remaining puppies and is only allowed supervised visits with them. Because the puppies are only one week and two days old, they will be handfed by bottle and syringe around the clock for the next two weeks.

I’m sure it goes without saying but along with this heartbreaking news also comes some major bills. Puppy formula (just like baby formula) is not cheap and in the next 2-3 weeks, we’re going to feed our babies as much of it as they can handle. We are aiming for fat, healthy puppies! We have set up a chipin for Rosie’s litter, and encourage you to donate a dollar or two, if you’d like to contribute on behalf of these sweeties:

Any money raised above/beyond their vet bills and formula bills will be put towards vetting these little loves.

Thank you, friends, for sharing in the good and the bad of rescue with us.

It isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.


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