Ben & Bria


Meet Bria

and her baby, Ben.

Bria and Ben are both purebred boxer pups. Bria is 2-2.5 years old and Ben is 6 weeks old.

Bria & Ben are both breeder dogs who were given away after Bria had a surprise litter (resulting in Ben).

Sadly, these pups have not always had the best care. Despite belonging to a breeder, Bria tested heartworm positive. Bria and Ben will both be fully vetted, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and dewormed before being adopted out through Bonnie Blue Rescue.

The good news is that despite their rough start, these are amazing pups! Bria is housebroken and cratetrained, gets along well with other dogs of all-sizes and is a friendly, happy girl. Ben is your typical into-everything, happy-go-lucky puppy.

Ben & Bria will be traveling to Richmond, Virginia area for foster care next weekend.

Bria has a foster home lined up, but sweet Ben is still in need of a foster home!

Interested in fostering Ben? Email us at and request a copy of our foster home application!

Interested in adopting one of these sweet pups? Email us at to request a copy of our adoption application!



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