Keiko’s Emergency Surgery


UPDATE 2/16: We’ve raised $550 so far and are 27% of the way there!


Remember sweet Keiko?

Keiko is a super sweet daschund girl that we took in to rescue around late November/early December. She was fostered by Angie & James in MD and was in a foster-to-adopt home in Chesapeake, VA.

*     *    *

We got a call from Keiko’s foster-to-adopt family yesterday afternoon to let us know that she was limping a little bit on Sunday but that they were only mildly worried. They kept her quiet on Sunday and crated her to make sure that she was not doing anything to put more pressure on her seemingly hurt leg. Unfortunately, even after an evening of crating, Keiko was completely unable to walk (paralyzed from behind her front legs down) on Monday morning when she woke up.
*     *     *
We got Keiko to our vet first thing this morning for a checkup anticipating a suggested week or two of R&R and some prednisone to help her feel better. Instead, our vet, Dr. Winters, rushed her straight back for a set of x-rays. We quickly discovered that Keiko has a severely ruptured disk in her spine in addition to some calcified discs (likely from prior injury that went untreated). He said she had no more than 24 hours left to correct the ruptured disc before Keiko will be permanently paralyzed for life. Luckily, this sweet young girl is otherwise very health and an incredibly good candidate for this disc surgery. Dr. Winters expected Keiko to make a full recovery if the surgery was done immediately.
*     *     *
I had to make a game time decision this morning & told him to go ahead & do surgery. For us, it was not an question. Keiko is a Bonnie Blue pup and we stand by our rescued pups no matter what. This girl was rescued from a terrible situation – and she is still the responsibility of Bonnie Blue Rescue, regardless of her foster-to-adopt status and regardless of the significant financial strain that our rescue is current under.
*     *     *
Thanks to our rockstar vet, the surgery cost was negotiated down to $2,000 for Keiko, SIGNIFICANTLY less than if this surgery was to be performed at any other vet locally. The great news is that the total cost includes pre-op bloodwork, x-rays, meds after surgery, hospital veterinary care for several days, etc. That being said – it is still a ton of money for our small rescue to raise.
I’m going to be blatantly honest with you all – we are struggling. Truly struggling. We have been hit hard over and over again with major vetting for some of our recent rescues. We currently have 6 dogs going through heartworm treatment, 7 puppies ready for spay/neuters & rabies vaccines this week in order to go to their forever homes, and training needed on other longterm rescues. We are in a tough spot and are pulling out all of the stops to hit our fundraising goal. We cannot rescue any other pups until we are able to pay off Keiko’s surgery.
*     *     *
Please believe that even the smallest donation makes a HUGE difference to our rescue!
Donations can be made via Chipin here OR by calling in a donation to Hanover Green Vet Clinic 804.730.2565 under the account of Bonnie Blue Rescue (specify it is for Keiko) OR by mailing it to us. If you’d prefer to mail your donation in, please email us at and request our mailing address.
*     *     *
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your willingness to take the time to read this novel and for your willingness to help Keiko.
*     *     *
PS – – It’s okay if you’re not in a position to be able to donate at this time! Can you send this link around to your friends and family instead? We truly need all the help we can get to raise the money for Keiko’s surgery.
You can also “share” this chipin link on your facebook page!
More updates and new photos coming soon.
*     *    *
Love you all!
The BBR Crew

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