K-k is ready for his home!


WANTED: One amazing family for one amazing pup!

Sweet Kellum has been in foster care for 9 months waiting around for his forever family to come and find him.

Since they’re having a hard time finding him, I promised him that I would do a blog post just for him. Hopefully our blog-land and facebook friends can “share” this link so that we can track down K-man’s forever family. He really loves life in foster care and has been waiting ever so patiently, but truth be told, Kellum is so ready for a home and a family of his own.

Kellum is looking for an extra special home. One that will love him endlessly, have lots of free time for snuggles and kisses, and one who will understand that sometimes he might be a little shy in new social situations. Though a social butterfly when it comes to meeting new dogs and cats, Kellum can be a bit timid when meeting new human friends.

Kellum had a sad start to life, as a very young puppy he was turned over to a local Humane Society. In theory, it was a good plan because this particular humane society was “no-kill”. Unfortunately, it did not work out well for Kellum. Because the HS was no-kill, they adoption floor was often full of less adoptable dogs, leaving litters and litters of puppies in the back room, never making it to the adoption floor. Kellum was one of the “back room” puppies – and he remained in the back room for 4 months, until he was taken into rescue.

It is our impression that his shyness with new people now is due to both lack of socialization early on and someone being rather unkind to him. It breaks our heart to imagine someone being unkind to this sweet, sweet guy. He is such a total lover-boy.

Kellum loves to spend his days hanging out in the back yard, zooming around with his foster brothers and sisters. He loves, loves, loves to romp and play but knows to be extra gentle with the younger foster pups in our home. Kellum can totally turn up the volume when romping with the older pups. He plays “catahoula” (a rowdy version of knock-down, drag-out) quite well!

Kellum has just started going for walks around the neighborhood, and he loves it! This guy is all about exploring new places. His foster sister, Lila, helps boost his confidence on walks – but we also think a family member reminding him that he’s a “good boy” would be more than enough to keep his confidence boosted, too!

Sweet Kellum has such a big capacity to love. Is there anyone out there looking for a handsome, loyal, loving boy like him?

Interested in meeting this handsome guy? Do you have room in your heart and home for one extra special pup? I can absolutely assure you that Kellum is one pup who is worth the effort. He is amazing.

If so, email us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com and request more information on Kellum or a copy of our adoption application.


One Response to “K-k is ready for his home!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Looking good Kellum. I helped foster this dog for awhile and I can assure you he an awesome dog. He’ll make sure that you are paid back for the extra time he needs to warm up to you. He is well worth the wait!!!

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