Stunning Sasha


Remember this beautiful freckle-faced girl from here?

She has really grown up, but is still as gorgeous as ever!

Sasha will be 9 months old next week and she is already close to 65 lbs!

Sasha’s first human mom is very sick, so she has turned sweet Sasha back over to rescue so that we can find her another wonderful forever family. We’ve promised her we’ll work our tails off to find Sasha the best forever family possible!

Here’s what Sasha’s foster mom writes about her:

“Sasha is a big lover girl and gentle giant.  She adores receiving attention from anyone willing.  She will gently mouth (no teeth) your hands or toes when she thinks it is time to play. Or when she is just so pleased to be her out of her crate.  She willingly goes into her crate at night or when you have to leave.  She is very good with sit and wait, and patiently waits when you put her dish down, until you say OK.  Sasha is a quick learner and seems to adapt well to her environment.  She is curious about the cats and horses, but not overly confident with them. Sasha is not a dominant dog, and plays well with no arguments over toys or bones.  She loves children and although big, plays well with my 5 yo nephew.  She has a very deep bark that she uses sparingly.  Sasha loves to be with her people and will follow them all over the place. Sasha needs more practice leash walking, and use of a gentle leader is highly recommended.  Sasha will do well in a family environment or with active owners.  She might not be great with kids just learning to walk, due to her big wiggly butt and wagging tail!”

*     *     *     *     *

If you are interested in adopting sweet Sasha, please email us at to request a copy of our adoption application.


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