Miracle Pups Need One Final Miracle


ChipIn here: http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/willow-and-lotus

Lotus, Willow & Juniper are miracle dogs.

This entire family of three was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Texas on the day that they were set to be put to sleep. As most of you already know, hounds have little chance of making it out of a shelter in any state, but especially in Texas. And three hound girls? From the same family?  All making it out alive? Forget about it.

But these little hound girls, they’re miracle pups – because they DID make it out of the shelter alive. Thanks to our very persistent miracle-worker CT foster mom, Pat, Bonnie Blue Rescue agreed to take this entire hound mix family into our rescue program.
The girls spent the week after their release from the shelter hanging out in Texas with our miracle-worker rescue friend Michelle. While in Texas the girls all got spayed and were brought up to date on shots. They were then set to be transported from Houston, TX area to Birmingham, AL on a legged transport.
As the weekend before transport creeped closer, it seemed as if their luck had run out – it was the day before transport and three legs were still unfilled! We were in total crisis mode, because we had to move the girls that weekend to make room for other rescue pups in Michelle’s home.
After some major begging, pleading and crossposting – our miracle-worker transport friend Kim K helped us find a Pilot & Paws Pilot to FLY our girls from Houston, TX to Shreveport, LA! Our pilot, Lyle Richardson, was definitely the miracle-worker of the week that week — his generosity in offering his time (and plane) absolutely saved our transport!
From Shreveport, LA the girls were transported by Carol and Jerry, Cathy, Wesley, and Maurice, their legged transport miracle-workers who volunteered their time, energy and gas money to help us move these girls to safety. Then Jackie G., one of our regular Birmingham miracle-workers, stepped in to short-term foster Willow and overnight Lotus and Juniper until they could move to their temporary foster home w/ Heather (yup, another miracle-worker!) for the week.

If you’ve counted along with me that’s a lot of miracles coming together to help save these girls!
*     *     *
We need just a few more miracle-workers to help save our Texas hound girls Lotus and Willow.
*     *     *
Sadly, we found out last week that both girls are heavy heartworm positive and need to be heartworm treated in AL before they can move to their foster homes in CT. Reason being? Heartworm treatment in AL runs $150-250/dog. Heartworm treatent in CT runs $1200+ per dog. Yikes!

*   *   *

Can you help us work one final miracle for our little Texas hound girls?

*     *     *

We have found a vet in Alabama who will fully heartworm treat each pup for $150, a rate that we cannot beat anywhere else. So we’re fundraising like crazy to hit our goal!
Donations of any amount are greatly welcomed and greatly appreciated. Donations can be made by clicking on the below link which takes you directly to our ChipIn site. Once there, click the button to the right that says “ChipIn!”. Donations can also be made via Paypal (if you’re into online donations, but not sure about the ChipIn system) by using our email address: bonniebluerescue@gmail.com OR can be mailed directly to Bonnie Blue Rescue. Please contact us at the email address above for our mailing address.
ChipIn here: http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/willow-and-lotus
Thank you in advance for your help either in donating or in crossposting Willow & Lotus’ plea for help. All these girls need is justa few extra miracle-workers in their side – and they’ll be on their way to a new life!


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