Kira Update!


We have a very happy update on our little Kira girl.

After 24 hours of fluids and major antibiotics, miss Kira is finally starting to perk back up!

When I called this morning to check on her the vet tech said that Kira was chewing through her IV lines, a clear sign that she was feeling much, much better. The vet felt so good about Kira’s change in behavior that she did not feel the need to run any additional tests or do another set of x-rays today. Kira received more fluid and injectible antibiotics today, and also started back on very small portions of food and was able to keep it all down which is GREAT NEWS! She is now eating every few hours, playing, and is back to almost 100% of her normal, happy self.

Thanks to each of you for thinking about her and praying for her, for crossposting, sharing her story, and for loving this sweet girl as much as we do.

I have to be honest that I was truly afraid that we might lose Kira last night, but after hearing so many good reports today I think that we can safely say that we are out of danger and that miss Kira will continue healing, feeling better and getting her strength back!

By request, we have left Kira’s ChipIn page up. We have raised enough to cover her medical bills thus far (THANK YOU ALL!), but a wise donor suggested that we leave the ChipIn up to continue to raise money for a Bonnie Blue Rescue Emergency Fund – an idea that we support wholeheartedly. Any money that is not used for Kira’s care will be put into this BBR Emergency Fund for future pups who are sick and need urgent medical care.

New Kira photos and updates coming soon! 🙂

ChipIn here:


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