Kira & Camden’s Transport to CT!


Thought you all might enjoy these cute photos from Kira & Camden’s road trip to Connecticut today!

For those of you who have never driven a transport before, you’re missing out – it’s a lot of fun!

First, you load some super cute (and snuggly) puppies into your car.

Then, you drive!

Then you stop, snuggle them one more time, and then pass them along to the next driver!

You will definitely spend two hours of your Saturday (or Sunday) tied up – but will do so knowing that you are helping save those puppies from being euthanized at a high-kill shelter or, even better, knowing that you are helping those puppies get one step closer to finding their forever families!

Another *huge* THANK YOU to Anna & family, Kate & Tom, Erin, Kimberli & Stacia, Niki & family, Angie & James, Debbie E, Deb M, & Pat for helping our sweet, sweet babies on their way today. We could not do rescue without generous folks like you. Thank you!

Hope you all enjoyed all of the puppy kisses along the way!

If you’re interested in becoming a transport driver please email us at for more information.

*     *     *     *     *

REMINDER: If you’re in CT go check out the Durham Pet Fair TOMORROW (Sunday, May 15th) and visit with Kira, Camden, Lotus & Willow in real life. Details here:


One Response to “Kira & Camden’s Transport to CT!”

  1. Ally Thomas Says:

    Does that mean Camden is gone? I was going to e-mail about adopting him! 😦

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