Miss Macy


Meet Macy!

Macy is a 5 1/2 year old AKC Registered Yorkie. She was born on 8/11/05.

Macy was used as a breeder dog for 5 years and then dumped on Craigslist because she was “too old”.

When her first new family decided that they “didn’t want her anymore”, they dropped her off with the first interested family they could find on Craigslist.

And when that family decided she “wasn’t good enough” for them, they dumped her with the first family they could find on Craigslist.

And guess what? That family decided she “wasn’t pretty enough”, so that family posted her on Craigslist to dump her on someone else.


Thankfully, our rockstar foster mom Jackie happened to see Macy’s sweet photo cross Craigslist again –

and she jumped in to help this sweet girl.

That was Macy’s final Craigslist handoff – from now on this little lady is only going to go to her FOREVER FAMILY.

But Macy’s sad story doesn’t end there …..

after a trip to the vet this week for a cough, we found out that Macy is in the beginning stages of congestive heart failure. After 5 1/2 years of bring a breeder bitch and then being passed from person to person, this little lady’s life is going to be cut short. It just makes us sick.

Macy has been placed on Enalapril, Vetmedin, and Lasix (precautionary) and though she has an enlarged heart, she does not currently have any fluid built up.

Our vet in Alabama cannot make any guarantees about how long sweet Macy has.

Be it 6 months or 6 years, all we know is that we want to make the time she has left AMAZING.

In our minds, that’s a three step process:

1) Get Macy acclimated to her new meds & make sure that she’s on the correct dosage

2) Find an amazing forever family for Macy (one who will spoil her rotten, cherish her, and love her to pieces). Because, truly, every pup deserves a forever family.

3) Raise enough money to fund Macy’s monthly medications and regular veterinary checkups for her congestive heart failure so that her forever family does not have to incur any excessive expenses when taking sweet Macy on to love. We do not want lack of funds to keep Macy from finding her family.

*     *     *     *     *

Can you help us find Macy a  forever family of her own?

Macy is up to date on vaccines and spayed. She is currently 16 1/2 lbs and definitely overweight, but we are working to help her safely trim down. Macy had never had real dog food before coming into rescue, so no doubt the human scraps she received helped her put on weight. Macy was extremely nervous and fearful when she first met Jackie, but has perked up quickly. She now follows Jackie around the house and loves to give sweet Macy kisses. She has done great with all of the other 11 dogs she has met during her time in foster care – ranging from 8lbs to 80 lbs. She is also good with kitties – curious, but has not interest in chasing. Due to being kept crated for most of her life as a breeder dog, Macy did not come to rescue housebroken. She is learning now and is making great strides on pottytraining!

Can you help us fund Macy’s heart meds?

Macy will HAVE to be on Vetmedin, Enalapril & Lasix for the rest of her life.

Currently, these meds cost us $2.79 per day.

A one month supply? $83.70

A one year supply? $1018.35!

You could make a HUGE difference for sweet Macy by sponsoring a day or two of her heart meds? Better yet – you could even sponsor her for one week, or one month!

With your help we can make sure that Macy has the medications and care that she needs to thrive. Donations can be made online HERE or by emailing us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com to request our snail mail address!

Our ChipIn link is: http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/macy


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