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We are rallying together before the trial of Rodney Loper, Bo & Luke’s former owner. This man is accused of leaving these dogs without food or water for 4+ weeks. He is currently being charged with second degree animal cruelty, a misdemeanor in the state of Alabama. During his arraignment in May of 2011, Mr. Loper pleaded “not guilty”.

Since the passing of Gucci’s Law (Pet Protection Act) in 2000, charges of animal cruelty can warrant a felony charge if the person “intentionally tortures any dog or cat”. More details at the bottom of this post.

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Take a look at the photos of Bo & Luke.

Consider their circumstances.

Would you consider leaving two dogs without food or water for 4+ weeks “intentional torture”?


*     *     *     *     *

JOIN US as we take a stand and demand harsher punishment for animal abusers.

JOIN US in asking that Mr. Loper’s charge be upped to a felony charge.

JOIN US in a show of support for these sweet boys (we’ll be handing out fliers and posters before the trial).

JOIN US on Monday, December 12th in Saraland, AL and help us take a stand for these sweet boys who cannot speak for themselves!

We need your help.

Help us pack the courtroom and make a stand!

*     *     *     *     *

The trial is scheduled for 3:30pm on Monday, December 12th.


Saraland Municipal Court

937 Highway 43 South

Saraland, AL

We are calling daily to reconfirm the date/time and will keep you abreast of any changes that may occur.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE EMAIL: bonniebluerescue@gmail.com

*     *    *     *     *


Would you JOIN US in calling The Honorable C. Mark Erwin – the judge for this case (251.675.5393) & the prosecutor, Jeffrey Perloff (251.478.6899) between now and Monday, December 12th and *politely* requesting that they try Mr. Loper under a FELONY CHARGE for INTENTIONAL TORTURE/ANIMAL CRUELTY. Encourage them to administer the most severe sentence allowed by law and send a clear message to their constituents that Saraland takes animal cruelty very seriously.

* * * * * *

More information on Alabama’s Animal Cruelty Statutes:
Title 13A. Criminal Code. Chapter 11. Offenses Against Order and Safety. Article 1. Offenses Against Public Order and Decency.

§ 13A-11-14. Cruelty to Animals.
(a) A person commits the crime of cruelty to animals if, except as otherwise authorized by law, he intentionally or recklessly:
(1) Subjects any animal to cruel mistreatment; or
(2) Subjects any animal in his custody to cruel neglect; or
(3) Kills or injures without good cause any animal belonging to another.
(b) Cruelty to animals is a Class B misdemeanor.
(Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, § 5565.)

§ 13A-11-240. Definitions.
(a) The word “torture” as used in this article shall mean the act of doing physical injury to a dog or cat by the infliction of inhumane treatment or gross physical abuse meant to cause said animal intensive or prolonged pain or serious physical injury, or thereby causing death due to said act.
(b) The word “cruel” as used in this article shall mean: Every act, omission, or neglect, including abandonment, where unnecessary or unjustifiable pain or suffering, including abandonment, is caused or where unnecessary pain or suffering is allowed to continue.
(c) The words “dog or cat” as used in this article shall mean any domesticated member of the dog or cat family.
(Act 2000-615, p. 1252, § 1.)

§ 13A-11-241. Cruelty in first and second degrees.
(a) A person commits the crime of cruelty to a dog or cat in the first degree if he or she intentionally tortures any dog or cat or skins a domestic dog or cat or offers for sale or exchange or offers to buy or exchange the fur, hide, or pelt of a domestic dog or cat. Cruelty to a dog or cat in the first degree is a Class C felony. A conviction for a felony pursuant to this section shall not be considered a felony for purposes of the Habitual Felony Offender Act, Section 13A-5-9 to 13A-5-10.1, inclusive.
(b) A person commits the crime of cruelty to a dog or cat in the second degree if he or she, in a cruel manner, overloads, overdrives, deprives of necessary sustenance or shelter, unnecessarily or cruelly beats, injuries, mutilates, or causes the same to be done. Cruelty to a dog or cat in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

One Response to “{bo & luke} – you can help!”

  1. Molly O'Sullivan Says:

    Loper needs to be left in a closet without food and water for a month. I’ll supply the closet. He’s a worthless piece of crap.

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