BoDidly (Jimbo)


This sweet pup is lovingly named after Bryan Hank, son of Cathy Hilton (one of our awesome transport drivers in LA!).

*     *     *

Meet BoDidly.

Sweet BoDidly was brought into the Ouchita Parish Animal Shelter as a stray.
On his first day in the shelter he was a happy-go-lucky, bouncy boy. Happy to greet everyone who walked by.
By day #7. BoDidly had realized the how this system worked – too many dogs coming in +not enough dogs being adopted out = lots of super adoptable dogs euthanized every single day.
BoDidly knew enough to know that his family was never coming back for him – and that he was next in line to be put to sleep. You could see it written all over his face.
BoDidly was moved to a new run that day, to a “holding pen” for pups who are going to be euthanized.
This sweet lab boy had run out of time.
*     *     *
Our dear friend Jen posted his photo last Friday, and his “day #7” photo broke our hearts. We agreed to take this sweet boy into rescue.
BoDidly was vetted on Monday and he is heartworm positive. He will have to be treated for heartworms in the south because locally heartworm treatment runs close to $750-800.
*     *     *
We need help with three things:
1) Finding a 6 week heartworm treatment foster for BoDidly in the Greater Birmingham, AL area
2) Raising money to fund this sweet boy’s heartworm treatment.
3) Crossposting to help us find an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING forever family for BoDidly
*     *     *
Are you able to donate a dollar or two to help us get BoDidly on the road to recovery (and then, to his forever family?) Can you help us give this sweet lab boy the second chance that he so deserves?
Donations can be made online via ChipIn here:
or you can contact us at and we’ll provide our mailing address!
Thank you for all that you do!

3 Responses to “BoDidly (Jimbo)”

  1. Chris Bailey Says:

    Anybody have the space and time for a rescue?

  2. Lib Aubuchon Says:

    Is this guy still available? Also, how old?


  3. An ode to my foster pup, Bo. « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] you from afar – who cheered the day you were sprung from the shelter and rallied around to fundraise for your heartworm treatment. Something about your spirit and playfulness seems to speak to everyone who meets you and hears […]

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