Azlin is a sweet purebreed chocolate lab puppy who found herself in a life or death situation.

Azlin’s former owners came home to see that she had somehow injured herself while they were gone. Their best guess was that she had gotten her leg hung up in the chain link surrounding her dog pen. Azlin was limping and not using her leg at all. They took her to the vet to see what was wrong and the doctor told them her knee needed to be repaired and gave them a huge quote on what it would cost to fix. Sadly, the previous owner had just recently lost his job in the Alabama tornados back in April and was not able to afford surgery of this magnitude on sweet little Azlin. Their only option was to euthanize this 8 month old little puppy or to send her to the shelter (where she likely would have been euthanized immediately).

Lucky for Azlin she had some friends who had some friends who contacted Bonnie Blue Rescue for help. Without hesitation we jumped to save this spunky, vivacious little girl who is full of life. We just couldn’t let this be the end for her. She has way to much living to do.

Unfortunately, once we took her in to the vet in Alabama, the xrays showed us that it wasn’t just a simply broken leg or knee issue; it was multiple femur breaks and far more severe than what we thought we were dealing with. In addition to two severe femur breaks, Azlin also had her hip pulled from the joint from the impact of the injury.

We think she tried climbing the fence she was kept kenneled in and her back leg slipped through the chain linked fencing, when she came down on her leg and tried to free it, the pulling and force of her coming down on it most likely cracked her femur and pulling caused her hip to dislocate. To make matters worse, these injuries happened 2+ weeks prior to our bringing Azlin into rescue which means that her bones had already started to “heal” incorrectly – and this sweet little baby was in a lot of pain.

We had 2 vets take a look at her xrays and both recommended amputation as the best option for her. Femur fractures and repairs take a long time to heal and is also a very painful recovery. The combination of her injuries and the amount of time that had passed since they first happened did not allow for Azlin to have any other successful surgery.

We moved forward and sweet Azlin had her rear leg amputated on 7/27/11.

We had no choice but to go ahead and get the surgery done now because she was in so much pain. The vet agreed to do this without down payment, and we now owe them a hefty bill for her surgery and medical care.

Prior to her surgery her medicals (vaccines, bloodwork, etc), xrays and boarding cost us 313.00 and her surgery estimate quoted was 858.00 of which we have already accrued. Azlin will also be spayed and microchipped before she will be able to be adopted. We will be glad to provide any documentation to reflect our charges spent on this charming sweetheart who is well worth every penny!

Even just three days after surgery she was up hopping/walking around and smothering her foster mom, Natalie, with tons of puppy kisses. Nothing is going to hold this special girl back!

Would you be able to donate a dollar or two to help us pay off Azlin’s surgery? Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made by clicking the Chipin link here: OR by PayPal’ing a donation to OR by emailing us at to get our snail mail address.

Many thanks in advance for your continued support of Bonnie Blue Rescue. We couldn’t do this without you!

Wanna see a video of how well Azlin is getting around 3 days after surgery?! It’s amazing!


6 Responses to “Azlin”

  1. Kate Blanch Says:

    As a proud owner of a rear-leg amputee, who had a similar trauma to her back leg – the amount of love and spunk and spirit a tripod will bring into your life is not measured by the number of legs! Our aussie shepherd mix had her amputation at 1 yr, and she’s now 8. As a 1-yr old pup she would wrestle with great danes, swim and chase squirrels with the best of them. My only advice (because we are going through it presently) is watch out of ACL or knee injuries on the remaining hind leg. They are expensive and difficult for tripods to recover from. Good work on giving this beautiful lab pup a new lease on life!

  2. Azlin is up for adoption! « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] If you’d like to read more about Azlin’s surgery or donate a few dollars to help us pay it off (for which we would be forever grateful!), you can go here: […]

  3. Jane Richardson Says:

    I am very interesting in adopting Azlin. Please provide additional info as we live in the Shenandoah Valley. We just lost a beloved Chocoate Lab who lived to be 12 and we are committed to raising another Lab who has special needs. Please advise.l do not belong to social media. How can we proceed?

  4. Jane Richardson Says:

    I am very interested in adopted Azlin. I have already left comments above. If this is a valid site, please give more specific information how to proceedl I am involved in Bank Secrecy and Fraud so please give some indication that you are a valid, secure source. Thank you.

  5. Sat/Sun 8.20 & 8.21 for Azlin & Dusty « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] not slow this sweet girl down! You can see photos of Azlin and read more about her online here:  Our other passenger is a very chocolate lab pup named Dusty. Dusty & his sister, Sandy, were […]

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    […]Azlin « Bonnie Blue Rescue[…]…

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